Technical Chair - Gymnastics Tas

Gymnastics Tasmania
Women’s Gymnastics Committee
Position description – Technical Chair (Women’s Gymnastics)
The Technical Chair of the Women’s Gymnastics Committee is selected annually by the Gymnastics
Tasmania Board. The following position description should be used as a guide by the Board in making its
decision. This information should also be circulated to all potential nominees and included with nomination
forms for committee positions.
Position title:
Technical Chair
Description of the role:
The Technical Chair is the head of the Women’s Gymnastics Committee, coordinating the work of the
Committee towards setting and achieving the strategic and operational goals of Gymnastics Tasmania for
Women’s Gymnastics.
Internally the Technical Chair ensures that there is effective leadership within the committee, including the
setting of clear behaviour and communication standards for committee members, scheduling and chairing
meetings and documenting and communicating the committee’s processes and decisions.
Externally the Technical Chair is the figure head for Women’s Gymnastics within Tasmania and must
maintain strong working relationships with Gymnastics Tasmania stakeholders including Member Clubs,
Gymnastics Australia Committees, Gymnastics Tasmania Administration/program staff and the Gymnastics
Tasmania Board.
The Technical Chair is a volunteer role.
Responsible to:
The Technical Chair reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer of Gymnastics Tasmania.
Responsibilities and duties:
The Technical Chair is responsible for the following key tasks, as well as any other tasks deemed
necessary by the committee or Gymnastics Tasmania Board from time to time:
Coordinate the functions of the Women’s Gymnastics Committee including:
o Facilitating discussion
o Chairing meetings and discussions
o Documenting and communicating committee processes and outcomes
o Inducting new committee members
o Ensuring succession planning practices are in place
o Setting clear standards on the behaviour and conduct of committee members
o Managing committee level conflicts of interest
Produce bimonthly reports on committee progress for the Gymnastics Tasmania Board.
Act as the conduit for communication between the Women’s Gymnastics Committee and;
Gymnastics Tasmania and Australia administration and the Gymnastics Tasmania Board.
Coordinate the review and publication of the Gymnastics Tasmania Women’s Gymnastics
Handbook annually.
Coordinate and liaise with administration regarding the calendaring of all Women’s Gymnastics
competitions, courses and events.
Coordinate and liaise with administration regarding the Women’s Gymnastics components of the
Gymnastics Tasmania Congress annually.
Coordinate maintenance of Tasmanian databases and spread sheets.
Participate and contribute to the creation, review and progress of the Gymnastics Tasmania
strategic and operational plans.
Sit on the Women’s Gymnastics Superior Jury/Jury of Appeal along with the Judging Coordinator
and the Chair of the relevant judging panel at Tasmanian Women’s Gymnastics competitions.
Coordinate the selection recommendations for the Tasmanian State Team annually.
Provide feedback and recommendations to the following bodies/individuals when and as requested:
o Gymnastics Tasmania Board
o Gymnastics Tasmania President
o Gymnastics Australia Board
o National Commissions
o Gymnastics Australia Staff
o Gymnastics Tasmania Club 10 Officer
o Gymnastics Tasmania administrative staff
o Gymnastics Tasmania Member Clubs
o National Coach
Recommend and coordinate policy development when necessary.
Attend Tasmanian based qualification events for National Championships and other Gymnastics
Tasmania endorsed interstate or national/international tours.
Attend the annual Gymnastics Australia Technical Advisory Meeting and other National Meetings as
required or appoint a delegate to attend on behalf of the Women’s Gymnastics Committee.
Desirable requirements:
It is hoped that nominees to the Technical Chair role possess the following attributes:
Current technical or participant member of Gymnastics Tasmania
High standing and respect in the Gymnastics community within Tasmania and nationally
Strong written, interpersonal and oral communication skills including the ability to effectively liaise
with national staff, member clubs, Gymnastics Tasmania board directors, technical members, club
administrators and event staff
Proven ability to meet deadlines(sometimes within short timeframes)
Strong committee management, delegation and chair skills
Strong organisational skills
Strong knowledge of State and national selection procedures
Strong knowledge of the rules and regulations of Women’s Gymnastics
Strong ability to successfully manage conflict and adhere to all Gymnastics Tasmania and
Gymnastics Australia policies, in particular Complaints and Grievances procedures
Adherence to Gymnastics Tasmania and Gymnastics Australia codes of behaviour
Approved by the Gymnastics Tasmania Board on <INSERT DATE>
Signed: __________________________________________________
Gymnastics Tasmania President: ____________________________