Reading Topics Ch. 25 part 1 pp. 558

Reading Topics Ch. 25 part 1 pp. 558 -574
Visual Questions:
1 Quote p.558 Who? Subject?
2 A Bridge pictured on page 560 is called an “engineering marvel,” where is it located?
3 A chart on p. 560 shows the % of people living in cities by decades… In what year are more than ½ of
Americans living in cities, according to the chart?
4 A “map” or architectural drawing is shown on p. 561…An “unhealthy” type of building, Human
Warehouse… this type of building is called?
5 A chart on p. 562 shows annual immigration to the USA 1860 – 2001… according to the chart does
immigration increase or decrease during the panic of 1893?
6 A picture on p. 563 shows an “ethnic” neighborhood in NYC..typical of the trend during “NEW”
immigration, 1880 – 1920, when immigrants tended to cluster together for protection, similarity….What
is this area called shown in the picture?
7 The gold pages…”Makers of America,” 564-5, what is the subject?
8 A photo on p. 564 shows an older man learning to read (English?)…typical of the “New” immigrants,
who is teaching him to read?
9 A picture shows immigrants arriving on the east coast of the USA – What is the place called where
most were processed? (an island)
10 Examining the Evidence on p. 567…What is being examined? How often is this required and for what
11 A photo on p. 568 shows the woman who created “Hull House” in Chicago… a pioneer in the
“Settlement House” movement….Who is this?
12 A PC on p 570 is entitled “Looking Backward,” This illustrates the hypocrisy of What?
13 A chart on p. 570 shows OLD and NEW immigration by decade… Name the countries that are part of
each immigration cycle ?
14 The painting on p. 571 is actually of France…but it shows a famous statue…what statue?
15 This quote by Emma Lazarus; “give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to
breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore,” is shown on p. 571. Where can you find it
16 This picture on p. 572 shows Mary Baker Eddy, founder of a “new” church… which believes that only
God should heal sickness… what is the name of the “new” denomination she founded?
17 William James, a famous Dr. and thinker from the gilded is quoted in a bbox on p. 573. What famous
scientific and controversial theory is he speaking about?
Reading 558 -574
18 By what factor does the pop. In the USA increase 1870-1900? During the same period in Cities? What
% of the people in the USA live in cities by 1900?
19 What one (1) factor more than any other brings people to the cities?
The Urban Frontier
20 How many cities in the USA had 1million residents in 1860? 1890? Name them?
21 What architectural innovation allowed more people and workplaces per acre of land, “modern cliff
dwellers?” The 1st in which city, when?
22 Which architect contributes much to the design of skyscrapers…and is quoted, “form follows
23 The City or “megaloplolis,” is divided into many districts and segregated during this growth of
urbanization…such as… ? (several)
24 Attractions of the City, besides jobs (#1), were…? (Several)
25 Theodore Dreiser’s book about a young woman drawn to the allure of Chicago…yearning for a richer
and more elegant way of life is called…?
26 Urban living was NEW… What Problems (several) are associated with this new lifestyle? Why is
Baltimore mentioned?
27 “Mail-Order” catalogues, similar to today’s buying goods on the internet, was 1st offered by which
two (2) stores?
28 This architectural innovation is considered to have led to problems… ill health…typically 7-8 stories
high, squeezing several families together per room, and all sharing one public toilet per floor…
sometimes called “flophouses,” “slums,” or even in nyc the “lung block” (tuberculosis) This design of
building is specifically called?
29 Due to the inhospitable conditions in many cities…a green belt area just outside the city begins to
grow and attract the wealthiest of people… the “flight” to this… the new area is called ?
“New” Immigration
[painting 563, mofAM 564-4, ex. The ev. 567, chart 570, painting 571
30 Statistics: 1850’s – 1870’s each decade has how many imm.’s? in the 1880’s alone there is How #?
31 1840’s -1880’s “OLD” imm. From which countries… 1880’s -1920’s “NEW” imm. Which countries…
32 Characteristics of OLD V. NEW imm.
From where (above), Faith, gov’t experience, Education, style of life when in Am.
33 Why do they leave Europe? (sprecifically…several)
34 Unique imm. Group… victims of violence, familiar with city life (ghettos) worked in Garment
industry..outcasts… Which Group?
35 In what ways do “NEW” imm. Preserve their cultures when they get to the USA? (several)
36 Imm. that never intend to stay in America, just long enough to earn dollars and return home (rich)
25% of New imm…. go back home… and are called?
37 Of these “NEW” imm. which group seems to assimilate best?
Reactions to New Immigrants
[photo 568]
38 Why the weakness of Fed/state/ local government in response to growing imm?
39 What develops in cities to ease their transition to USA… some say not good…?
40 Padrone’s-bosses traded what for what? These machines gain control of ALL cities in USA eventually!
41 The Nation’s social conscience awakens to the plight of the cities and their imm. masses… esp.
protestant churches and clergymen bringing the lessons of Christianity to the slums and
factories…applying the “Sermon on the Mount” to urban social problems. Who? What is philosophy
42 Who establishes the most prominent of “Settlement Houses” in Chicago in 1889, called an “urban
saint,” and wins the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE in 1931 ?
43 Settlement houses offered what to immigrants and poor of the cities? (several)
44 What issues do these women advance?
45 Name two other women mentioned as leaders of the Settlement House movement?
46 What new sphere of employment is opened up for women due to the settlement house experience?
47 How many women enter the workforce in the 1890’s alone?
48 Jobs for women depended on three (3) characteristics… Race, Ethnicity, Class. What were the typical
jobs for: Black women, Native born white women, Immigrant women?
49 How does $$$ change women?
Narrowing the Welcome Mat [bbox 569, pc 570, bbox 571]
50 What is the familiar word used to describe anti-foriegnism?
51 What concerns do these people have with immigrants? (several)
52 What anti-foreign organizations are mentioned? How many members?
53 How does Congress respond to imm… (beyond the Chinese exclusion act) in 1882? 1885? Later?
Churches Confront the Urban Challenge
54 What group of Christians suffers the most from the new urban growth and Modernism?
55 A focus on materialism (gospel of wealth) led to many proclaiming that _____(who) caused the
righteous to prosper?
56 Between 1875 and 1925 a NEW group of protestants arise…adapting their religious ideas to MODERN
culture.. calling for moral reforms, questioning the idea of “original sin,” and seeking to mediate science
and religion (Darwinism esp.) What is this new group called?
57 What is the largest religious denomination in the USA by 1900?
58 By 1890 How many different religious denominations exist in the USA?
59 New Religiously affiliated organization…started before civil war, but grew exponentially during this
period and is still significant today?
Darwin Disrupts the Church
60 A book, “On The Origin Of Species,” was hugely influential during the gilded age (even
today)…published in 1859. Who wrote it? What is the subject? How does Lamarck disagree?
Makers of America pp.564-5 [2 photos p. 564]
Subject? How many 1880 – 1920?
Heel & Toe…of what?
Most what gender, age?
More than Florence, Genoa, or Venice combined? Where?
Stayed in? Social? Food? Work?
What % before WWI has a High School education?