Holistic Strategic Organizational Effectiveness Survey

Holistic & Strategic Survey to
Identify Classic and Pending
Business Pitfalls
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Holistic & Strategic Survey to Identify Classic and
Pending Business Pitfalls
• Companies frequently fail and most others perform
significantly below their potential because of various
organizational ineffectiveness problems in one or more of 12
business areas
• A more holistic approach to assessing and addressing all key
drivers of organizational effectiveness will generate large-scale
sustainable gains in organizational performance
• The missed opportunity is that no single type of survey gets at
all of the key drivers of organizational effectiveness across the
multiple domains (e.g. employees, customers, risk, IT, etc.)
• This Organizational Effectiveness Survey quantifies the
importance of over 90 critical organizational business drivers
within 12 major categories and evaluates how well the
organization is performing in each area
Organizational Infectiveness Examples
• Eastman Kodak
• GM & Chrysler
• Lehman Brothers, AIG & Bear
• Countrywide Financial
• Washington Mutual
• Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac
• Peregrine Financial Group &
MF Global
• Circuit City & Borders Books
• Arthur Andersen
• Enron & WorldCom
• Pan Am, TWA
• American Motors
• Polaroid, Woolworth’s
• Facebook – IPO handling by Facebook,
NASDAQ & Morgan Stanley
• JPMorgan Chase - hedging trading losses
• BP - Gulf oil spill
• Apple - labor and environmental issues at
China manufacturer Foxconn
• Wal-Mart - bribery in Mexico to expedite
opening of new stores
• HP (Board & CEO’s) – 4 CEO’s and
questionable strategies in just a few years
• Netflix – pricing strategy/execution
• Yahoo & Avon – governance, leadership,
strategy and execution problems
• Massey Energy - mine explosion – money
more important than safety
• Barclays (and other banks) – Libor interest
rate manipulation
12 Business Driver Categories
Senior Leadership Team
Organizational Structures, Systems and Processes
Workforce Excellence
Performance Measures and Reward Systems
Technology and Business Process Effectiveness
Financial Planning, Management and Measurement
Business Risk Assessment and Mitigation
Environmental, Sustainability and Responsibility
Overall Organizational Effectiveness
Illustrative Survey Comments
Key Driver
Survey Comment
• Strategy
Organization does not use a systematic or integrated
approach to developing or deploying strategy. Mission,
vision and values are not communicated
• Culture
There is absolutely no respect for employee work life
balance. You are expected to work 70-80 hours a week and if
you complain you are next on the layoff list
• Workforce
Really creative people leave - the top down culture is too
• Technology
Our IT Department is underfunded and it is taking its toll
on the organization
• Performance
/ Rewards
There is a sense by management that they understand OD
and don't need to be transparent or manage change. The
culture is becoming fear based.
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