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Using the Science Formula Page
Calculator Help
The Formula
Chart for Science
On the science chart,
the meanings of the
letters in the formulas
are given to you.
You must know the
measurement units to
know what numbers
fit to which letter.
The box at the
bottom provides some
help . . . Let’s look.
When you don’t know – look!
Very important
information is here.
Example: Newton
which is the unit of
Force is found by
multiplying kg
(mass) times m/s2
which is the unit for
What is the net force exerted on a 90.0 kg
race-car driver while the race car is
accelerating from 0 to 44.7 m/s in 4.50 s?
F 9.8 N
We see kg, but not m/s2, so we have to
calculate acceleration first . .
G 20 N
Acceleration = Vf – Vi
H 201 N
A = 44.7 – 0 = 9.9 m/s2
J 894 N
So F = 90.0kg x 9.9 m/s2 = 893.9 N
Science questions some times give
more information than is needed.
Match units to formulas on the formula page.
Time should be in seconds in all formulas.
Mass must be in Kilograms for Force,
Momentum, Work and Power.
Work and energy must be in Joules or
This can be overwhelming if you try to wait
until the day before to learn them. Try flash
cards with units and what they measure.
A person pushes a large box across a level
floor by applying a horizontal force of 200 N.
If the person pushes the box a distance of 5
meters in 10
seconds, how much work does
the person do on the box?
In problems with numbers;
A 2000 joules
B 1000 joules
1) find the question word,
C 400 joules
2) look up the formula on
D 100 joules
the formula page,
Work = force x distance
No mention of time!
or 200N x 5 m = 1000 joules
3) Cross out information
you do not need
4) put the numbers in the
CALCULATOR in order.
Let’s look at some related
formulas . . .
The bottom equation
says Speed, but uses v
in the equation.
According to the top
formula, v means
Velocity is more
accurate since it is
speed in one direction.
On TAKS these words
are used
Momentum = mv so . . .
3 Which bike rider has the greatest
A A 40 kg person riding at 45 km/h
B A 50 kg person riding at 35 km/h
C A 60 kg person riding at 25 km/h
D A 70 kg person riding at 15 km/h
Just like on the Math test, plug in each answer and see
which one works (it is the largest). . .
Most important . . .
Do not
look and