Ms. Zanti 2/21/12 Period 1 The Odyssey Book II New/Important

Ms. Zanti
Period 1
The Odyssey
Book II
New/Important Characters:
a. Aegyptius- Ithacan Lord
b. Telemachus- Son of Odysseus
c. Antinous- Suitor
d. Halitherses- Old hero/master of bird lore
e. Eurymachus-Suitor
f. Eurycleia- Telemachus’ nurse
g. Athena-Goddess of wisdom and battle
h. Mentor-Old friend of Odysseus
a. In Book II, Telemachus calls an assembly of the “long-haired Acheans”
at Athena’s request. He asks them to respect his father’s home and
make the suitors vacate the premises. The suitors have their chance to
speak, and they tell the elders that Penelope has been teasing them.
She told them that she would choose a husband when she finished
weaving her tapestry, but every night she has been undoing it. The
elders deny Telemachus’ request. Telemachus then asks permission to
seek out news of his father himself. If he hears word, he will wait one
year for Odysseus to return. If he hears nothing, he will come back and
give Penelope away in marriage. In the meantime, Penelope is to go to
her father’s house and save for a substantial dowry. The elders agree.
Athena, disguised as Mentor, helps Telemachus to get a ship and crew
together. He is to leave at daybreak.
Discussion topics:
a. Why are the suitors being so nasty to Telemachus?
i. I don’t know what their motivation is for this. If I was trying to
win Penelope’s hand in marriage, I would be nicer to her son. If
any of the suitors were nice, Penelope would be more likely to
choose one. They seem to be the exact opposite of Odysseus.
ii. Group Member 1
iii. Group Member 2
iv. Group Member 3
b. Give evidence of the values that are important to society in this
i. One value that is prevalent in Book II is the way that the Greeks
receive guests. Even though Penelope does not want the
suitors in her house, she is kind to them. She makes sure they
are well fed and comfortable
ii. Group Member 1
iii. Group Member 2
iv. Group Member 3
a. Why do the suitors agree to let Telemachus have a ship and search for
his father? They do not want him to hear any news of Odysseus, so
why would they let him go? If you were a suitor, would you let him go?