Draft - National Parks UK

Appointment Brief
National Parks Partnerships Ltd
Crown Commercial Services |
We are seeking 3 exceptional, pioneering people to form the first board for a new
venture to transform corporate relationships and achieve significant sponsorship for
the UK’s most iconic landscapes. This is an unprecedented opportunity to be
instrumental in shaping the future for our National Parks, to make a step change in
corporate sector engagement with our agenda at a critical time.
The board will be responsible for establishing a programme to build and manage
relationships with the corporate sector and to achieve significant sponsorship for UK
National Parks.
It will recruit and manage personnel/contractors to develop the business plan, make
contacts, set targets and establish ways of working.
It will have a strong relationship with the Board of the ‘parent’ company, National
Parks UK; the strategy of which will provide the overriding direction for the UK
National Parks and priorities for investment.
It will establish governance and ways of working enabling the discharge of its
business in the most efficient, effective and collaborative way and its duties in
accordance with requirements of the Companies Act 2006.
To advance the development of corporate sponsorship for the UK National Park
brand, including (but not limited to):
1. Establishing the new company according to Companies Act 2006
2. Finalising the business plan:
Finalisation of a costed, two-year business plan, based on the ‘business
case’ agreed by NPUK, returning a sustainable and profitable business
3. Building a network of new potential sponsors and partners across sectors to:
Review their needs and recommend key sectors/businesses
Identify the extent to which National Parks UK (and constituent NPAs) can
meet those needs
Identify level of interest in sponsorship including level of financial support
and what would be required in return
Examine relationships with others in the sector and define our niche with
the corporate sector
4. Developing marketing strategy to:
Deploy the NP brand and to maximise income
Target promotion and develop required marketing materials
There will be 9 Directors:
6 Executive Directors recruited from within the Parks Family through a nomination
process; 1 each from Scotland, Wales and 4 from England (to reflect proportion of
Parks across the UK).
3 Non-Executive Directors recruited externally according to skills and expertise on
offer and of relevance to securing the establishment and success of the new
The role
The Non-Executive Directors will:
 Work as part of the executive team to drive forward the organisation;
provide independent challenge, advice, key contacts and bring a
customer perspective to the organisation’s strategic direction, growth and
business plan and development of its marketing approach.
 Ensure that financial information is accurate and that financial and
operational controls and systems of risk management are robust and
 Ensure that the Board maintains compliance with the requirements of the
‘Companies Act 2006’
Crown Commercial Services | Non-Executive Director
Person specification
We are seeking individuals with demonstrable skills and knowledge that match the
following requirements:
Skills, Knowledge and Understanding
1. Ability to analyse and evaluate complex issues and options
2. Ability to negotiate with and influence others to secure results
3. Ability to communicate clearly in non-technical language
4. Ability to support and constructively challenge
5. Ability to make your work with the new company relevant to the UK National Park
needs and aspirations
6. Ability to provide leadership and advocacy (in team or organisation)
7. Role of UK National Parks
8. Branding
9. Commercial Sponsorship
10. Company Governance
11. Strong relevant national/international networks or connections
12. Financial awareness
Terms of appointment
The position is not remunerated however travel and reasonable subsistence
expenses will be reimbursed.
The initial time commitment will be commensurate with the requirement to
establish the Company. This commitment will reduce over time to
approximately 12 days per annum.
The position is offered initially for a two year renewable term.
How to apply
If you have any questions regarding this exciting new opportunity, please contact
Alison Barnes – Chief Executive - New Forest National Park Authority - 01590 64 6632
or Alison.Barnes@newforestnpa.gov.uk
The closing date for applicants is noon on 20 April 2015
Please complete the Expression of Interest form and enclose your CV and send these
via email to kathryn.cook@nationalparks.gov.uk or via post to Kathryn Cook, UK Director
National Parks UK, 126 Bute Street, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff, CF10 5LE
Interviews will be held on 12 May in the offices of the Peak District National Park