Mitosis and Meiosis Quiz

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1. From where do new cells arise?
2. Why does the body constantly make new cells?
3. Is cell division the same in all cells? Explain.
4. The original cell that divides is called the mother cell, while the two, new identical
cells are
called ________________cells.
5. How many chromosomes are in a human body cell?
6. How many chromosomes are in a haploid cell?
7. What does the 23rd pair chromosome determine?
8. What is asexual reproduction?
9. Which process produces identical new cells --- mitosis, meiosis, or both?
10. Name a prokaryote that reproduces by binary fission.
11. Name the 6 phases of the cell cycle.
12. Name the four stages of Mitosis.
13. Can the nucleus and nucleolus be seen during interphase?
14. What part of a cell actually divides during mitosis?
15. What happens to the nucleus & nucleolus during prophase?
16. What happens to chromosomes during metaphase?
17. What process or phase follows telophase?
18. Label these stages.
18. If the diploid number in a liver cell is 52, how many chromosomes are there in the
egg of this organism?
19. For each of the following state if the cell is haploid or diploid.
Sperm cell =
Liver cell =
Egg cell =
Stomach cell =
20. Carp has 104 chromosomes in its diploid cells. How many does it have in its haploid
21. How many chromosomes would be in one cow sex cells if it has 30 chromosomes in
its haploid cells?
22. A pigeon has 80 chromosomes in it diploid cells. How many does it have in its body
20. Imagine that you work in a factory where cells are manufactured. Write
instructions for newly forming cells on how to carry out cytokenesis. Provided
instructions for animal cells.