1. Chapter 6 Review Questions

General Biology- Chapter 6- review
Use pg 130-131 to help with Mitosis stages
1. What are the 5 stages of the cell cycle?
2. Give 2 example of what is happening in each stage
3. Which stage is NOT part of Mitosis?
4. What might happen if there was NO interphase? Would the daughter cells be diploidwhy or why not?
5. What might happen to the chromosome number in the daughter cells if a spindle fibers
broke during Anaphase.
6. How is a biopsy done? Why is a biopsy done?
7. What is angiogenesis? (this was from the video. If you missed it Google: “Cancer
Warriors” Nova video and click on the first link. Watch the 2nd and 3rd video from the
webpage and you learn about it)
8. Define benign and malignant tumors
9. What is cancer?
10. Contrast sexual vs asexual reproduction. Example: Are the offspring genetically the same
or are they different? Is a partner needed? Are gametes used?
11. Why is important that breast cancer is caught early?
12. What is a gene?
13. What is the function of Mitosis? (why is it important?)
14. What does haploid mean? What does diploid mean?
15. Onion cells are _________ (haploid or diploid)?
16. Mitosis produces 2 daughter cells that are ________ (haploid or diploid)
17. What are chromosomes made of?
18. Spindle fibers are attached to the ____________.
19. Body cells are also called _________ cells.
20. Humans have _____ chromosome pairs and 46 chromosomes total.
21. If a creature has 10 chromosomes, how many chromatids does it have?