Review Sheet chapter 10 Cell growth and division

Review Sheet: Chapter 10 Cell Growth and Division
1. Mitosis:
2. Advantage of sexual reproduction:
3. What happens to the surface area as the cell becomes larger?
4. Problems that arise that growth causes for the cell.
5. During cell division each daughter cell will get the same number/ half
number of genes.
6. Describe the role of chromosomes during cell division:
7. Know G1 G2 M and S phases-know the diagram and what occurs during each
8. Interphase:
9. Refer to page 282 explain what role the centrioles play:
10. On a diagram draw the centromere and sister chromatids.
11. Explain each phase of mitosis: what happens to the chromosomes? What is
the sequence?
12. What are the 2 main stages of cell division?
13. A parent with 6 chromosomes will produce 2 daughter cells that have how
many chromosomes?
14. What are the differences between plant and animal cells during cell
15. What are growth factors?
16. Cyclins:
17. p53 gene:
18. differentiation:
19. How are cyclins related to proteins?
20. Cancer:
21. Cytokinesis: