Everything is on English, lucky you!

Everything is on English, lucky
TD Sig,
Opatija25-27 January2013
Irena Micetic, teacher-adviser in
Primary school Vežica, Rijeka
the capable group
the level of knowledge
easy to work on Ipad
-the week group
-very low knowledge
-everything is a problem
-not skilfull
-depend on someone
-try to cheat /copy-paste
-classroom’s rules
Students ‘ levels
• Marley and Scrooge were friends and buisness partners.
When Marley died Scrooge continued to work alone. He
was cold-hearted, mean, old man. On Christmas Eve
Scrooge’s nephew came to invite him on Christmas dinner
but Scrooge refused because he didn’t like Christmas. At
night, Marley’s ghost came to warn Scrooge to save him
from his bad future.
• I really like this novel because it’s not only nice Christmas
story, it has a strong and good message: you should always
help people and not only care about yourself. You need to
be positive and happy, no matter how hard your life is. And
remembre, there are much more important things than
money, like family, love and happiness.
• A Christmas Carol is definetly G intresting book. It’s
about an old man who was very grumpy and rude.
He hated Christmas. Why? I don’t know beacuse I’am
on 2nd chapter. But I think he was like that, beacuse
he LOVED money more than anything, and that why
he is bitter, resentful, greedy and lonely man. He was
man without respect and love to the people, even on
his self. His old partner Marley (who is now ghost)
visited Scrooge and took him to the past on
Christmas party. Marley told Scrooge that he need
the change.
•Who was marley.
•Who was scrooge
•Why marley died
•How was scrooge s personaliti
•Who visited scrooge
•Did scrooge liked christmas
•Who came to the funuor
•Who scrooge see In the mirror
very careful ---------skilfull........a quide
keep up with plan and program
stick to monthly plan-------Ipads
take care of four skills
make progress for ALL students
being always interesting, new and FUN
technical support
Project Third Edition
5 th level-6 chapters
App store---applications
writing: notes for classwork, dictionary
home works: questions, summaries;
new grammar topics
vocabulary exercises
listening texts
Read the text and answer
the questions
Look at the picture.
It shows the room in your
holiday hotel. There are some
problems. Write an e-mail to
the hotel manager saying
what the problems are and
asking him to solve them.
Magazines for teachers
• English Attack! http://www.englishattack.com/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium
• Collins ELT—the word of the week
• English Teaching Professional--- dictionary exercises
• Onestopenglish bulliten (macmillan.com)
• OUP-dictionary lessons and resources
• http://learnenglishteens.brtishcouncil.org/
IT –with or without us?
with us
Thank you