Christmas Carol Vocabulary

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Directions: Underline any word or phrase that is a context clue. Circle the letter of
the best answer.
1. Although he eventually achieved great success and prosperity as a writer,
Dickens never forgot what it was like to be poor.
a. wealth b. sickness c. fame
2. Dickens parent’s were in debtor’s prison for not paying bills.
a. one who has money b. one who works for money c. one who owes money
3. Scrooge: a bitter old miser who never gave to charity
a. one who volunteers b. one who is stingy c. one who helps others
4. The miser was tight-fisted with his money. He gave none to charity.
a. held it tightly b. didn’t want to spend it c. gave it freely
5. What right do you have to be dismal? It’s Christmas! You should celebrate.
a. gloomy b. happy c. hungry
6. You can get an A if you keep your nose to the grindstone.
a. study and work hard b. pay your teacher c. listen
7. I am sorry to find you so resolute about that decision. It will have poor results.
a. happy b. angry c. determined, stubborn, unwilling to change
8. The portly gentleman wore top hats and business coats.
a. dignified
b. poor
c. dirty
9. We should make slight provisions for the poor and destitute who suffer greatly.
a. to give a great deal of money to someone who invests it
b. to give no money for someone who doesn’t deserve it
c. to give some money to a person who lives in poverty
10.A few of us are endeavoring to raise a fund to buy the poor some meat.
a. trying
b. failing c. thinking about it
11.It is a time of year when “want” (not having money, food, etc.) is keenly felt.
a. barely b. sharply
12. I can’t afford to make idle people merry.
a. fat people skinny b. ugly people pretty c. lazy people (not working) happy
13. If they would rather die, it would decrease the surplus population.
a. over abundance of people b. lack of people
14.You will think yourself ill-used if I don’t pay you wages on your day off.
a. taken advantage of
b. successful
c. careless
15.Scrooge took his melancholy dinner in this melancholy tavern where it was
a. happy and light
b. dark, sad, depressing
c. tasty
16. He beguiled the rest of the evening with his banker’s book.
a. laughed
b. passed the time
c. had fun
17. Scrooge had not bestowed one thought of Marley since the mention of his
partner that afternoon. He had simply gone on with his day.
a. had not remembered or thought about
b. had not spoken with
18. Marley was persecuted by a legion of goblins all his days.
a. dance team b. an orchestra c. an army troop of
19. Dreadful apparition, why do you trouble me with your haunting cries?
a. ghost
b. beggar c. friend
20. It is a ponderous chain to carry.
a. light
b. silver
c. heavy
21.Weary journeys lie before me that will take my energy.
a. frightening
b. enjoyable
c. tiring
22. No rest. No peace. Incessant torture.
a. enjoyable
b. never ending, continual
c. soggy
23. Charity, mercy, forbearance were all my business.
a. patience and tolerance b. stubborn and brutal
24. A solitary child, neglected by his friends stood alone in the room.
a. thankful
b. unkind
c. lonely
25. I was apprenticed here. That is my old boss, Fezziwig
a. born
b. learned a trade/job
c. scared