Insurance Solutions For Your Business

Insurance brokers play vital roles in the
selection of insurance products and services.
They help by:
1. Arranging for you good cover at affordable
Auditing your insurance package
Managing all your insurance claims
Your choice of brokers, determines the quality
of your cover and also how speedy your
claims will be paid should any unforeseen
Do not search further, Universal Insurance
Consultants Limited will be more than
delighted to advise you on how to select your
insurance products or services.
Universal Insurance Consultants Ltd is a limited
liability insurance Brokerage and risk
management company.
Our priority is to provide the best of insurance
services for our customers and also to offer
support claims for any of our victimized clients.
We also provide financial planning and risk
management services to enable our clients
lessen potential risks that could cripple their
business from excelling.
Our services has been categorized into 2
sections namely:
Business & Insurance Advisory Services: we
advise our clients on new insurance set-ups
that can help improve their businesses.
We also audit your business and provide
reports with appropriate recommendations
that can help increase the profitability
when implemented.
2. Insurance Brokerage Services: we offer
a variety of services to individuals and
organizations. We work with all the
insurance companies( SIC, Prudent
insurance, Providential insurance among
others) and depending on our client’s
needs, we seek the best policies for you.
Our insurance brokerage services include:
This is a summary of the services that falls
under the Insurance Brokerage Services:
Travel Insurance
Public Liability Policy
Fire Insurance
Motor Insurance
Money Insurance Policy
Employers Liability
Assets All Risks Policy
Group Personal Accident
Goods In Transit
Travel Insurance:
this policy protects you for all your worldwide
travel needs including your medical
expenses, delay of baggage among others.
Employers liability:
This policy is to cover your company in respect
to your legal liability should any injury occur
in the course of duty.
Assets All Risks Policy:
This policy protects you against destruction of
your property by fire, explosion, water, etc.
Public Liability Policy:
This policy will cover your legal liability to the
public for injury, death and damage of
property arising out of the operation
Fire Insurance:
This policy covers you against damage of any
property caused by fire, earthquake,
explosion, etc.
Motor Insurance:
This policy covers your motor comprehensive
insurance, third party fire and theft cover
and finally third party cover.
Goods In Transit:
This also covers loss or damage to property by
fire, water or even burglary in the cause of
Money Insurance Policy:
This policy cover loss of money whiles in
transit, on your premises or even in your safe
Group Personal Accident:
This policy would pay agreed sums to named
employers in the event of death or
disablement following an accident.
We would develop a closer working relationship
with you and provide you with the kind of
personalized services you desire
We also assist you to purchase the right policy
for your specific need from the right insurance
company at the right premium
We ensure that insurers pay our client their
genuine claims promptly.
We do not charge you anything for any of our
Some of our corporate clients include:
 Universal
Merchant Bank
 Ghana Bauxite Company
 Regimanuel Gray Estate
 Ghana Bar Association
 Three bar International School
 Akosombo Textiles
 Tarzan Enterprises
1st Floor Former Standard Chartered Bank
Adabraka High Street, P.O.BOX CT 117
Cantonments Accra, Ghana.
Tel : +233302222076, +233542926819