Recommendations - Sustainable Energy for All

Conclusions and Recommendations of
Energy Access Committee
Access to energy: what?
1. Electricity: on grid, off grid, low load and
2. Clean cooking systems: fuels and heat
3. Mechanical power: link to income generation
4. Consumers are focused on the service not
technology or sources.
• Factors: affordability, reliability, accessibility
Access for whom?
1. People in households: very poor, poor, not
2. Enterprises: rural or urban- must add value
3. Social infrastructure: hospitals, clinics,
4. 1,2,3, may be linked in concept of anchor
5. Gender: different perspectives/needs of men
and women
Call to Action- Political
1. Raise access on the global agenda as the
development enabler
2. Energy must be in the post MDG framework
3. At national level energy access must be elevated on
national political agenda
4. National energy councils/fora must be multi
5. Must have long term strategic vision beyond a sector
plan: SE4All Action Agenda’s
6. Is bigger than electricity; is on and off grid
7. Currently do not exist: call for its creation
Utilities: Enabler or Disabler
1. Key to electricity solutions are healthy utilities
2. Needs to be higher on political agenda
3. Are key to enable/make legal/provide
incentives for off grid solution
4. On grid will not reach all populations, not soon
5. Off grid solutions can be mini grid or end use
6. SE4All should support utility to utility support
Mini grids
1. Will increase greatly to meet unserved
population, especially rural areas
2. Need to know grid plans to know where
market is/ will be
3. Recommend policy attention to make them
legal, billable with licenses, IPP
4. Links to energy-water-food nexus key
5. Focus on income generating
Mini grid recommendations
Document business models, their structure
Scale up through financing and replication
Need to move from pilots to massive roll out
Make the link between policy and finance
Enterprise based solutions
• People as clients not beneficiaries
• Poor people also participate in markets
• Need to know what are the products and
services people want
• Services that support income generation are
• Absolutely poor people need different access
schemes based on basic needs and
government support
Enterprises recommendations
• Continuum energy access finance facility
needed: start up, growth, replication etc.
• Concessional and commercial finance
• Mechanisms should be regional
• Propose convening foundation world
• Role of consumer finance is key
• Women should be explicitly engaged in
enterprised based solutions