Fourth Grade Bible: Acts through Revelation

Sixth Grade Bible: New Testament Survey
Primary Objectives
The student will be able to:
1. Recall that Scripture is the infallible Word of God.
2. Recall that God made all things for His glory.
3. Recall that God is sovereign over all things that happen in this world.
4. Be familiar with key events in the New Testament: the ministry of Christ, the
early church, and the initial spread of the Gospel throughout Israel, Asia Minor
and Europe.
5. Identify the author and audience of each of the four Gospels.
6. Describe the ministries of Paul and Peter.
7. Map the three missionary journeys of Paul.
8. Recite the books of the Old and New Testament from memory.
9. Identify books of the Bible according to their genre: history, poetry, wisdom, and
prophecy. (review)
10. Recite the Ten Commandments from memory. (review)
11. Locate in his Bible the biblical events studied.
12. Memorize key passages of scripture from the New Testament that reinforce the
above goals.
Primary Teaching Methods
1. Large group instruction and Bible reading
2. Large group participation – prayer, singing, drama, and recitation
3. Completion of worksheets and tests from teacher
4. Individual recitation of memory work
5. Research work by small groups and individuals on specific projects
6. Build models, make drawings, write stories, play games, and make displays
7. Study, drill, and review of flash cards
8. Integration with art, geography, history, and music
Primary Texts and Materials
1. The Holy Bible (ESV)
2. The Victor Journey Through the Bible by V. Gilbert Veers
3. Student Bible Atlas
Approximate Time per Week: 4 hours