100211 NonFict Day 13

Barbara Jordan’s Statement on the Articles of
Great Speech Assignment
Speech choise due tomorrow
Outline due Thurs., 2/18
Speeches begin Tues., 2/23
Adverb Clauses
Adverb clauses use subordinating
conjunctions to connect a dependent
and an independent clause. Adverb
clauses behave like single-word
adverbs to modify verbs, adjectives,
or other adverbs.
They dropped the subject before it got too hot.
When I last saw them, they were scattering
breadcrumbs in the dark forest.
Examples of Adverb Clauses
Dependent Clause
Independent Clause
Until Captain Cook
returned from his voyage
to Tahiti,
Although they had the
worst batting average in
Because his salary in
1930-1931 was $80,000,
Tattooing was unknown in
the Western world.
The New York Mets won
the World Series in 1969
Babe Ruth was the bestpaid athlete in the world at
the time.
Each subordinating conjunction express a
relationship between the meaning of the
dependent clause and the meaning of the
independent clause.
unless, if, provided that, even if
as, because, as if
than, rather than, whether
though, although, even though, but.
where, wherever
Result, Effect
so, In order that, so that, that
while, once, when, since, whenever, after,
before, until, as soon as
Cause Conjunctions: as, because,
inasmuch, now that, since
Since the schloss lies far to the east of our mother
tongue, we always come with interpreters.
I’ve put a spell on you because you could use a little
I growled because I was miffed.
Since I was thrilled, I mewed.
As he had been eating candy all night, he puked
Inasmuch as you didn’t do it to one of the least of
these, you didn’t do it to me.- Matt. xxv. 45.
Comparison Conjunctions: as, as
if, more than, rather than
Her billowing voice is as voluminous as a
cloud [is].
He has strayed farther than most lost sheep
[have strayed].
Her gullibility is more remarkable than her
sins [are].
Choice Conjunctions: although, even if,
even though, though
He yelled about her behavior even though he
secretly approved.
She swooned, though there was a curious
gleam in her eye.
She stepped into the elevator, although she
had already climbed the stairs to the top floor.
Condition Conjunctions: but that, if, if only, in
case, provided that, unless, whether
Unless I am mistaken, we should have rain
If you punish him, he will cry.
Provided that the candy is free, I will eat
myself sick.
Manner Conjunctions: as, as if, as
He bounced along in his suit as if the world
were his.
Anjula took to the great outdoors as if she
had been raised by wolves.
Place Conjunctions: where,
We sought the truth where it was least
He followed her wherever she ambled.
He scratched her nose where he imagined it
Purpose Conjunctions: in order
that, so, so that, that
She shuddered in order that she might warm
He whispered softly so she would draw near
She took his phone number that she might
call him later.