AKTAU International Multimodal Transportation and Logistics Center

International Multimodal
Transportation and Logistics
The biggest Kazakhstan’s seaport at
the Caspian sea and
a cornerstone at transportation
“TRACECA: Europe-Caucasus-Asia”
and “NORTH-SOUTH: CIS-ChinaMiddle East-Africa”
Project location and goal
Aktau International Multimodal Transportation and Logistics
Center (AIMTLC) is located behind the Aktau International
Free Trade Sea Port at the Caspian Sea south-eastward from
the coastal facilities and Aktau city (residential).
AIMTLC aimed to be a big transportation hub for bulk-loading,
storage, re-processing of goods for export-import and transit
operations with sea, railroad, car road and airport.
Goods to be engaged with: oil and oil products, metals, dry
Services: “A”, “B”, “C” categories warehousing, customs
clearance, brokerage, multi-modal loadings, container
terminal, container repair, consign\distributors warehouses,
rent, service (bank, hotel, parking, restaurants) covered with
high-level IT.
International transportation corridors
AIMTLC plays a key role in transportation corridors between
Europe, Asia and Middle East: TRACECA and NORTH-SOUTH.
Since 1993 TRACECA supported by EU Technical Assistance
program for CIS (TACIS) has included Aktau into several
projects in view of development of logistics centers totaling
9500000 Euro. Detailed information can be obtained online at
www.traceca-org.org for projects TA58, IP10, TA55 and IP12.
With growth of Russia, India and China as well as the Persian
Gulf States and Middle East AIMTLC becomes important on the
route at the Caspian Sea.
Project area, cost, investment return
and capacity
Area of the land plot: 2 000 000 m2 (200 hectares)
Cost approx. of the “key-turn” development: 300 000 000
USD ($1.5 M x 200 Hectares)
Investment return period: approx. 10 years
Project capacity: 2010 – 3 300 000 ton,
2017 – 5 000 000 ton
Operation start date: 2009, after 2 years of construction
Demand growth for warehousing market annual: 20%
Local FMGC market growth annual: 25%
Project initiator and investment
Initiator and owner of the project: TSESNA Corporation, Astana,
Kazakhstan (www.tsesna.kz)
TSESNA offers to potential investor to bring its own engineering
for the Project with Feasibility Study (e.g. Knight Frank).
Investment advantages:
strategic location with a key role in TRACECA and NORTH-SOUTH;
absence of other logistics centers in the region; the lowest
warehousing coverage (according to EU standards it is five times
well-suited project for Islamic Financing of infrastructure such as
government support with tax and other incentives for investors
(Gov’t has already taken several supporting decrees and acts
regarding AIMTLC).
Tax Regime
at Special Economic Zone “Aktau
International Seaport” (Aktau SEZ)
Corporate Income Tax – 0%
Land Tax – 0%
Property Tax – 0%
VAT – 0%
To enjoy tax incentives for Corporate Income, Land and Property a company should
operate within the SEZ under certain conditions (Stipulated in the Tax Code of the
Republic of Kazakhstan Concerning Taxes and Other Obligatory Payments to the
1) not less than 90 per cent of whose aggregate annual income is income received
(receivable) from selling goods of their own production, including construction
objects, relating to the following priority types of activities, approved by the
Government of Kazakhstan: chemical industry; manufacturing of resin and plastic
goods; manufacturing of other non-metallic mineral products; metallurgy;
manufacturing of ready-made metal goods; manufacturing of machines and
2) are registered by tax office within the territory of the SEZ;
3) do not have subsidiaries out of the SEZ which employ permanent working staffplace, fulfilling functions of a legal entity. A permanent working staff-place is taken
as permanent if it is established for the period of more than 1 month.
Tax Regime at Aktau SEZ (cont.)
To enjoy tax incentives for Value Added Tax a company should operate within the SEZ under
certain conditions (Stipulated in the Tax Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan Concerning Taxes
and Other Obligatory Payments to the Budget):
It should sell goods within the territory of the SEZ which are fully consumed in the course of
construction and putting into operation of facilities of administrative and industrial
designation in accordance with project-budget documentation, intended for the performance
in the territories of SEZ of the following priority types of activities: projecting, development,
implementation, test manufacturing, software manufacturing, data bases and apparatuses;
creation of new IT on the basis of artificial immune and neuron systems; running of R&D on
establishment of and implementation of projects in IT; manufacturing of machines for
processing with texts, copying equipment, calculators, office machines and equipment as well
as for addressing and cash-ticketing, computers and other equipment for information
processing; manufacturing of electric and radio elements, transmitting machines, sound and
picture receivers, recorders and playback machines; manufacturing of household electric
appliances; ready-made textile goods, clothes.
New addition into legislation is upcoming: currently Government is enlarging number of
priority activities for granting preferences, including transportation and keeping of goods;
warehousing; different types of transportation activities of land, air and marine vehicles.
Companies dealing with mining and excise-covered goods (alcohol, gasoline, luxuries, etc)
can not enjoy tax preferences.
Presentations made and contact point
Up-to-date several meetings regarding AIMTLC were held including with:
- Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Japan International Cooperation
Organization (JICO), RPI, Katahira Engineers International (for feasibility study)
- Scott Wilson (a British company experienced in engineering, consulting, experience
in Hong Kong, Jebel Ali. Reg. feasibility study)
- Mizuho Corporate Bank (a part of Japan’s Mizuho Financial Group. Reg. financing)
- CapitaLand (Singaporean subsidiary of Temasek sovereign fund owns 20% of a
Kazakh-Russia development company EurasiaLogistics with plan to establish the
biggest net of A-class warehouses in Russia and Kazakhstan, 5 000 000 m2.; its
daughter company Ascott-Somerset-Citadines apart hotel operator plans to manage 6
hotels in Kazakhstan jointly with TSESNA. Reg. future sales).
- PharmaNiaga (a Malaysian searching for warehouses. Reg. sales)
- Punj Lloyd (engineering and warehousing. Reg. sales)
- CILT – Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transportation (Reg. staff trainings)
aktaumultimodaltlc@yahoo.com with password: development
kalymbetov@yahoo.com, 3162541@mail.ru
tel: +7 717 2 318130, fax: +7 717 2 318290, mob: +7 701 3162541