1.02 PowerPoint

Understand sport/event marketing’s
role and function in business to
facilitate economic exchanges with
SEM 1.02
Define the term sport marketing
• Sports Marketing: the process of planning
and executing the conception, pricing,
promotion, and distribution of sports ideas,
goods and services to create exchanges that
satisfy individual and organizational objectives
Identify categories of sport products
• The Sporting Event:
– Intangible: an experience you can see, feel and participate in
– Perishable experience: a football game you played, you will
never play that game again.
– The athletes: make the game happen
– The facility: Time Warner Arena, Lowes Motor Speedway
• Sporting Goods: tangible, manufactured products that
make the game possible.
– Equipment, clothing, license merchandise
• Personal Training: get ready to compete
• Sports Information: ESPN, Sports Illustrated, newspapers
Describe categories of sport
• 1. Unorganized participants: walk in the woods, jogging
• 2. Organized participants: have rules – NCAA, MLB, MBA,
– Amateurs are not paid to play, regulated on local, state, national
– Professionals are paid but follow strict rules by their governing
body. It is their job.
• 3. Spectators: observers of the sporting event
– As important as the athletes
• 4. Sponsors: businesses or organizations that pay to
associate their names or products with a sporting event
Describe the relationship between the growth and
marketing of the sport industry.
• A sports product becomes more popular
because of marketing
• Sports marketing affects millions of people
throughout the world from young children to
senior citizens.
• Marketing opportunities increase as the
product grows
Discuss benefits ascertained from the
development of the sport marketing
• Good for You
Increases opportunity for employment
Benefit those who participate either by playing or watching
• Good for the Local Community
– Economic effect of a major event
– Improve city’s image
• Good for Society
– Generates billions of dollars of revenue each year
– More jobs
– Snowball effect
Define the terms event marketing
• Event Marketing: is a designing or developing
a live themed activity, occasion, display or
exhibit, such as a sports, music festival or
concert to promote a product, cause, or
– Intangible
– Promotes and sells a unique experience
– It is produced and consumed at the same time
Identify types and categories of events
• Corporate Events
– Conferences, seminars, trade shows, team
building, theme parties, VIP events, incentive
• Private events: weddings, birthdays, family
events, anniversaries
Discuss benefits ascertained from the
development of the event marketing.
Start a dialogue: face to face marketing
Personal connection: builds trust
Immediate fulfillment
Brand awareness
How Big is Sports in the US
Walking 87,500,000
Swimming 56,500,000
Bowling 44,800,000
Health Club Membership 37,000,000
Bicycling 35,600,000
Weightlifting 32,900,000
Running/Jogging 29,200,000
Basketball 26,700,000
Golf 24,400,000
Baseball 14,600,000
Soccer 14,000,000
Softball 12,400,000
Volleyball 11,100,000
Inline Skating 10,500,000
Tennis 10,400,000
Mountain Biking 9,200,000
Downhill Skiing 6,400,000
Martial Arts (2004) 5,400,000
Snowboarding 5,200,000
Ice/Figure Skating (2003) 5,100,000
Cross Country Skiing 2,600,000
Ice Hockey 2,600,000
Estimated Participants in Sport,
Sport or Activity Number of
Estimated Total Attendance at Sports Events,
Major League Baseball 74,385,100
NCAA Football 43,486,574
NCAA Men's Basketball 30,568,645
National Basketball Association
National Hockey League (2004)
National Football League 17,011,986
Minor League Baseball 15,636,000
NASCAR Winston Cup Series
Minor League Hockey 6,179,000
Horse Racing 5,979,000
Professional Rodeo 5,429,000
NASCAR Busch Series 3,911,000
Professional Golfers Association
Arena Football League 2,939,000
Major League Soccer 2,900,715
Minor League Basketball 2,625,000
Professional Tennis 1,970,000
Professional Boxing 1,931,000
IndyCar Racing 1,914,000
National Hot Rod Association
NASCAR Truck Series 1,708,000
Champ Car racing 1,490,000
Professional Bowling Association
Women's National Basketball
Association 1,087,000
Professional Lacrosse (MLL, NLL)
Do you recognize these logos?
• Sports Logo Game
Pick your favorite actor, musician or
celebrity and create a logo for them. (It can’t
be one they are already using)