Job Search Skill 102

Job Search Skills
Success Strategies for
the New Graduate
Presented by:
Ana Kiritsis, PHR
CITGO Petroleum Corporation
Course Outline
Recap Job Search Skills 101
- Evaluating the employment offer
- Accepting an offer
Success Strategies for the New Grad
- Before day 1
- Day 1
- First 90 days
Recap Job Search Skills 101
• Prepare For Your Job Search
… It’s The True Final Exam
• Think Of It As One Of Life’s
Major Investments … Aim For
Maximum Return
• After You Get Your Job …
Work Hard To Prove Your
Value To Your Employer
The Employment Offer
Evaluating the offer
• Position
• Salary
• Probationary Period
• Benefits/Relocation
Accepting the offer
• Call/put it in writing
• Safeguard your letter
• Post-Offer requirements
• Securing a start date
“The dictionary is the only place where
success comes before work”
- Arthur Brisbane
Just because they hired you
does not make you an instant
Plan on working hard
to prove your worth EVERYDAY!
“You’re Hired!... Now What?”
• What to expect between your
acceptance and your first day
• What you can do while you
Preparing for Day 1
• The key to success is
Have a Plan A
and a Plan B
• Beware of Murphy’s Law
Surviving Day 1
• New Employee Orientation
• Required forms of ID, Social Security #,
DOB, etc
• Take Notes
• Listen
• Ask Questions
• Know Who’s Who
Remember, first impressions count!
Survival Tips for the first 90 days
- smile
- ask questions
- listen & observe
- stay positive
- volunteer
- set goals
- practice good manners
- gossip
- complain
- clock-watch
Employer Expectations
• Identify expectations early
• Understand how performance
is measured
• Apply yourself to learning
your job
• Demonstrate why you were
the right choice
The learning continues
beyond earning your degree!
Mentors are Priceless
Choose a mentor and ask questions!
Communication is the Key
• Evaluate your communication style
• Understand your preferences versus the styles of
• Work to be the better communicator
Organization &
Time Management
• Plan on and commit to being
well organized
• Manage time wisely
• Seek out help before others
Admit Mistakes
• Own up to your errors
• Offer a reasonable remedy
• Doing so buys you integrity
How to Diffuse a Mistake
3 Steps to Turning an Error
into a Positive
• Admit - “Yes, it was my mistake”
• Apologize - “I am sorry it happened”
• Affirm - “I will make it right”
The “Grapevine”
• The “unofficial office
• Use it to your advantage
• Do not contribute to it
Surviving a Difficult Boss
Suggested Strategies to Use
Change how you perceive the boss and find
something about them to respect
Provide information to the boss to show you
know what is expected of you
Find ways to make your boss look good and
document it
Take the first step in trying to break the ice and
find a way to point out the positive
Take the high road
“You can only be 50%
of any relationship;
however, you need to accept 100%
of the responsibility for your 50%.”
- Robin Bond, Esq. and workplace
legal expert
Questions ?
Thank You
Congratulations on your
upcoming graduation
Best wishes in your career endeavors!