Introduce what we are going to do in the class First:

Introduce what we are going to do in the class
introduce the scenes which we're going to play
Explain some difficult or special vocabulary in the scenes
1. To Sack - lay off, fire someone from their job
2. Crucial - extremely important
3. Rupture - break
4. Disk - Soft material between the separate bones in your spine
5. Gird one’s loin - Prepare to fight
6. Paunchy - a fat stomach
7. Torte - A kind of cake
8. paratroopers - Soldiers who jump out of helicopters and land
with parachutes.
9. Compote - fruits cooked with sugar
10. Inadequate - not good enough
11. Exploitation - The selfish or unfair using of someone or
something for one's own advantage. Abuse
12. Glamorous - attractive, stylish and fashionable—like a movie
13. before-and-after piece - a kind of TV show theme that shows
difference between before and after a person dress up or make
14. Facialist – a make-up expert
15. Layout – design (N.)
16. exclusive – Only for the use of one person, magazine, or company
17. Errand – small daily jobs outside (like picking up and dropping off
18. disregard – ignore
19. lousy – no good, low quality, bad
20. ego – your opinion of yourself
Fourth: Show the scenes (6:20 total)
Scene In Andy’s interview, Miranda spited her….
Ask some questions to the class.
Let them discuss and talk about
their opinion.
1. What would you do if you got your dream job, you love everything
about except that your boss makes your life hell.
2. Why did Miranda care nothing about Andy's high university
degree? Do you think that high degree is really helpful for hunting
a job in Taiwan? Why?
3. Have you or a friend ever had a bad boss or supervisor who is
really picky and hard to get along with? What was the situation?
What happened?
Role play
One of the classmates will be chosen to be the character in the arranged
situation. And the chosen one must behaves the right behavior facing the boss
One situation is that a difficult boss is trying to pick on you. So the classmate
should think about what reaction she would do. The second situation is that a
boss is interviewing with you and asking a lot of questions. And we can see
what the interviewee would react.