course requirements

This is a preview
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ECON 4333, Government
Regulation of Business. The
purpose of this presentation is
to give you an idea
of what to expect in this
internet course.
Course syllabus
1. Purchasing the textbook
2. The course prerequisites
3. Equipment and software needs
4. Downloads required
5. Course requirements
6. Advantages and disadvantages of online courses
Purchasing the textbook
The textbook for this course is:
V. Kip Viscusi, John Vernon, and Joseph Harrington. The
Economics of Regulation and Antitrust, 4th edition.
Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2005.
•You can purchase this text at the ASU Bookstore, or
•You can purchase the book through an online vendor such
as To purchase the book online, you
need the ISBN number, which is: 978-0-22075-022062-0
Course Prerequisites
You must have satisfied the following prerequisites to enroll
for this class:
ECON 2313 (principles of macroeconomics)
ECON 2323 (principles of microeconomics).
The following requirements apply to Business majors
only: To be eligible to enroll in any upper division
courses, business majors must satisfy the following
enrollment requirements: (1) Complete 54 hours of
GenEd requirements and lower level Business math
requirements; (2) complete the following lower level
courses: ENG 1003 and ENG 1013; QM 2113.
Equipment Needs
You will need a computer with a recent version
operating system, speakers, printer, and internet
service. High-speed internet service is strongly
recommended—otherwise you will be waiting
endlessly to download very large files. You also need
the Microsoft Office suite of applications installed
on your machine. Specifically, you need Word and
PowerPoint. Under the terms of the Microsoft
Campus Agreement, ASU students may obtain
copies of Microsoft Office and Windows at no
We will use Blackboard 8
•You should be enrolled in Blackboard
•Browse to
•Announcements, course content,
homework assignments, and other
materials will be available at the ECON
4333-001 site.
Course Requirements
The course is organized into
thirteen “modules”--each
contains a reading
assignment from the text as
well as a PowerPoint
presentations and web pages
that you will access at the
“Course Modules” page in
The course requirements include the following (see
the course syllabus for details and how your final
grade will be computed):
 Two examinations.
5 homework assignments
•The first examination will be administered online using the
Blackboard system.
•The final examination is proctored, but can be taken at ASUJonesboro, ASU-Beebe, ASU-Mt. Home, ASU-Heber
Springs, or one of the ASU “Degree Centers” at West
Memphis, Blytheville, or Forrest City.
Observations on online learning
Profile of the satisfied and
successful online learner:
A mature, computer-savvy, and
motivated individual who is
attempting the difficult feat of
completing a college degree
while carrying substantial work
and family responsibilities.
You can complete virtually all the work required on your
home computer.
 Students are able to access course content 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week during the term.
 The technology facilitates interaction with other
students. Students can participate in discussions, chats
(Virtual Classroom) at their own initiative. There is e-mail,
of course.
You may send your queries or complaints to the
instructor via e-mail.
There are no lectures--this puts a greater
responsibility on the student to achieve
comprehension of the material--which is not easy, by
the way.
This course is not likely to be ideal for students
who need the structure of the conventional 150
minutes a week in the classroom.