Career Assessment Assignment.

Introduction to Business
Career Assessment Project
Assignment: Students are to develop a report on a particular career in business. The
research for this project should include: a) education requirements; b) employment
opportunities; c) advancement opportunities; d) pay ranges; e) special physical requirements or
skills needed to be successful in this career; and f) advantages/disadvantages of choosing this
Format: This report will consist of two phases:
Phase One – A written report will be submitted in proper business format and style. It will be
double-spaced, word processed with a maximum length of five to seven pages not including
bibliography and appendices. You will be downgraded for any grammatical or spelling errors.
Your reference sources must be documented. Personal interviews with current practitioners
are strongly suggested.
Phase Two – An oral presentation consisting of a summary of; your written report will be given
in class. Visual aids, handouts and any other materials which will enhance presentation are
encouraged. The presentation should last no longer than 15 minutes. You are expected to
wear appropriate business attire during this presentation.
Proposal: Each group or student is to submit a proposal for this report no later than the
second week of class. This word processed document should include:
 Member(s) of group
 Career field to be researched and discussed in class
 Proposed resources/references
 Time line for completion
Grade Determination:
Phase One (written report) will be valued as follows:
 10 points for appearance and format
 10 points for content
 10 points for accuracy and research
 10 points for style and creativity within report
 10 points for spelling, grammar and consistency (transitions)
Phase Two (oral presentation) will be valued as follows:
 10 points for organization, approach and delivery
 10 points for visual aids/handouts
 5 points for consistency with written report
In addition, group peer assessment will be worth 10 points (if individual presentation 10 points
will be automatic). Class participant assessment will be worth 15 points. Handouts and
explanations will be given in class.
The total value of this project is 100 points.