London South Bank University Title: A Three Floor

Name: Nuhu Danlami Ichaba
Institution: London South Bank University
Title: A Three Floor Networking Project Elephant Castle Shopping Centre
Date: 27/11/2015
The primary objectives in this project is to ensure that the designed network achieves its main
goal by processing data communication in a way that is most effective based on operational
functions defined and economic value considering the technology requirements and
geographic location.
In this design, the framework has carefully been mapped out showing the basic network
architecture which underpins the project requirements. This network design has been
optimized to ensure that the stakeholders, customers and end users do understand the
performance, unique capabilities of the throughput and the network benefits that shall be
provided to all departments across the three floors. This is absolutely an informed and
structured network that is carefully laid out by the combinations of wired and wireless
network technologies. The Wi-Fi connection is noticeable throughout the floors in the design.
The selection of the cablings involved in this project meet the standard set out when
compared to the network requirements and this is going to determine the functionality of the
network when completed. In addition, it is worth to mention which of the topologies that
will form this viable network and the characteristics of the devices associated with the
network of which it will be operated. Well, I have decided to choose a star topology combined
with the intelligence switch architecture. With this in mind, however, network security and
future scalability is therefore guaranteed.
Network Architecture
As a hopeful network engineers or system analysts, we are very conversant with routers
architectural design and that of switches and the roles they play on networked computers in
every organizational setup. I also consider which cable will form the backbone segment of
the network and other fast Ethernet cables that will be used to connect the nodes across the
three floors. I consider using Fibre-optics multi-mode as the backbone and fast Ethernet
cables to connect other devices, specifically, shielded twisted pair 5e type. Some of the
network devices would require the use of crossover cable at some stages which is relevant to
this design. Because this project must be seen to be cost effective, however, I have minimised
the use of routers and reduced it to one. In this simple network design, ideally it is good to
use multiple switches to cut across the floors which is affordable and simple to maintain at
every segment of the network.
Network Configuration
This setup will evolve the configuration of the computers and the applications server. With
the router and switch technology, it is particularly interesting to indicate that the deployment
of VLAN configuration on the switches and the core switch will definitely reduce cost and
improve efficiency on the network which, to me, is an important part in this project. It is
absolutely necessary that at the end of the day the network will have the potential to perform
well, scalable and will add values to a project well designed to satisfy customer’s
requirements. Based on the useful concepts introduced into this network design, it is ideal
to mention the operation of link aggregation which will increase through-put performance
and the allocation of a separate port designated for wireless connection on the VLAN. InterVLAN configuration on the core switch will allow different VLAN to communicate in order to
exchange data information across the network dependent on the preferred departments to
exchange data communication and this will also help improve security as time goes on.