General Course Information

Physics 111
College Physics I
Spring 2015
College Physics I – Course Syllabus
Note: This is a working document and subject to change. You will be notified of any
changes. I will post the most current version on the course website.
General course information:
Title: PHYS-111 College Physics I
The course will include 1 Lecture and 2 workshop sections per week:
Instructor information
Office Hours:
Dr. David Urminsky
BRN (86)-1143
(585) 475-5661
Tentatively, Monday 12-1:30, Tuesday & Thursday 3-3:44. If you have
questions or difficulties or otherwise want help outside of class and
can’t make these times, please e-mail to make an appointment.
Course description
This is an introductory course in algebra-based physics focusing on mechanics and waves.
Topics include kinematics, planar motion, Newton’s laws, gravitation; rotational kinematics
and dynamics; work and energy; momentum and impulse; conservation laws; simple harmonic
motion; waves; data presentation/analysis and error propagation. The course is taught using
both traditional lectures and a workshop format that integrates material traditionally found in
separate lecture, recitation, and laboratory settings.
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Physics 111
College Physics I
Spring 2015
Course materials
Scheduled classes will be in workshop format. Required materials are:
College Physics I Activities Manual – available at the Bookstore (approx. $10)
Access to the internet in workshop – There are a few computers in the workshop rooms, but
you are encouraged to bring a smartphone, tablet or laptop to every workshop.
A Scientific Calculator – phones, computers or anything with a Wi-Fi or cellular connection
will not be permitted during exams.
Access to Mastering Physics (can be purchased at the bookstore)
Students should register for the appropriate course Id:
Access to a College Physics Textbook – any College Physics textbook will do as the physics
we are learning has not changed for at least a century. The recommended book is Walker 4th
ed. Available at the bookstore.
How the course will operate
Please bring your activity manual to every class. We will be following the manual and
working on activities every class. I will not provide anyone with copies of the manual or parts
of the manual.
You will hand in some Labs during the course of the semester. Late Labs will not be
accepted. Should you miss a lab you have one week to make up the lab during the Lab Make
Up Session (location and time to be announced).
Please bring a smartphone, tablet or laptop with you to every workshop. There are a limited
number of computers available to students in the workshop room. You will be working on
mastering physics assignments during parts of the workshops and having access to mastering
physics will be important.
You will have an in-class quiz every Tuesday usually (but not necessarily) at the beginning of
class. You cannot make up missed quizzes – NO EXCEPTIONS OR EXCUSSES. I will
drop your lowest 2 quizzes from your final grade calculation.
You will have three exams during the semester. Should you miss an exam you can fill out the
make up exam request form (found on my courses). Should you be approved for an exam
make up you have approximately 4 days (not including weekends or holidays) to write a make
up exam. Make up exams are generally not permitted if you have planned travel.
In addition you will have a Final Exam. You are expected to write the final exam, make-ups
for the final exam are generally not permitted except for extreme circumstances. DO NOT
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Physics 111
College Physics I
Spring 2015
You will have approximately one mastering physics assignment per week. There will be no
extension’s granted – NO EXCEPTIONS OR EXCUSSES. There will be a 10% deduction
per day late. It is your responsibility to make sure you have internet access and sufficient time
to complete the assignment.
Lab Make Up information
You will have one week to make up any missed Labs. The lab make up period is:
Tues 5:30-8:30 in 08-3178 with John Collini.
They will start week 2 and go until week 14.
Attendance Policy
Attendance rosters will be kept. It is entirely your choice whether you show up for class or
not. However your attendance record may be taken into account when your final grade is
determined. It is also extremely unlikely that you will achieve the grade you expect if you
miss a significant amount of class as exams and other assessments are mostly based on
material covered in class.
Assessment will be based as follows:
Labs, homework, activities, quizzes
Mastering Physics
Exam 1
Exam 2
Exam 3
Final Exam
19% Sept 25
19% Oct 23
19% Nov 20
In order to pass this course you must have an average passing grade on the three exams
and final exam.
I will replace your lowest Exam X (X=1,2,3) grade with your raw final exam grade should
your lowest Exam X grade be lower than your Final Exam grade.
I do not discuss grades over email. Grades will be kept on mycourses. If you want to discuss
your grades with me please come see me in person during office hours or schedule an
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Physics 111
College Physics I
Spring 2015
Grading Policy
RIT has moved to the +/- Grade system. Exact boundaries for +/- will be determined at the
end of the semester. However the following is a guideline for what to expect.
A- to A
B- to B+
C- to C+
< 60%
Academic Accommodations
Should you require academic accommodations please discuss them with me at the beginning
of the semester.
Should you require extra time to write exams please you need to make arrangements with me
well in advance of any exams.
Failure to discuss and/or arrange your accommodations prior to any exam may result in you
not being allowed your specific accommodations.
Classroom Etiquette
Disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated. The workshop room is a small classroom and any
talking can be heard by me and everyone else even if you are whispering. There is plenty of
time for you to talk/text/or whatever during class. Also, rude or threatening behaviour will not
be tolerated. If you are distracting me or anyone else while I am addressing the class you will
be asked to leave. If you are asked to leave 3 times you will lose a whole letter grade off your
final mark.
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