Assignment #1

TECH 1010
Assignment #1
Ver 1.1
Name: ________________________
Due on paper and electronic form by the end of class on Friday Feb 1.
Part I – Windows 7 Tips and Tricks
1. Give two different ways to “Dock” a window to ½ of the screen?
2. Give two different ways to quickly take a “PEEK” at your desktop?
3. How can you close all inactive windows?
4. Add a sticky note to desktop and then embed an image of the note here:
5. What is an .ISO file?
6. Open the calculator. Put it in “Programmer Mode” and then take embed and image of the
calculator here:
7. What is the keyboard shortcut to run any of the first 5 programs in your taskbar?
8. What does “ALT + TAB” do?
9. What does “cmd” do?
10. What does “psr” do?
PART II – Internet and Campus Network Resources
11. What are the similarities and differences between an IP Address and a Domain Name?
12. Given the URL of
a. What is the HOST?
b. What is the file path?
c. What is the file name?
d. What is the protocol?
13. Ping Put a screen shot here:
14. In the above:
e. What is the domain name?
What is the IP address?
15. Perform a trace route to the same IP address above. Put a screen shot here:
16. What is the function of the following campus resources?
g. iPrint
h. Iam (list at least two functions)
Safe Connect
Tiger Text
k. UMDrive
17. UMDrive is an extremely useful tool. List all the How-To-Guides available to help you learn
about this free campus resource:
18. Using a screen shot, show you know how to obtain your computer’s IP address:
19. Goto the Library Search page, find the database call “Safari Technical Books Online”. Search for
“Cloud Computing for Dummies”. What is the title of Chapter 15?
20. Give a minimum of 3 “good practices” of email etiquette:
Part III – File / Drive Management
21. Turn on “show file extensions” , then using docked screens (half screen showing a directory
with multiple files (with extensions) and the other half showing the window where you turned
on the “Show file extensions”) take a screen capture of the two windows and paste it here:
Create a directory under “Documents” and use your full name (separated by an underscore ‘_’ character
(eg. The instructor would use Daniel_Kohn as the directory name)
Create 4 sub directories under the directory just created. Name the directories:
Now, under TECH1010, create 5 sub directories:
Make sure you put your name at the top of this document and print the document.
Now move, or save, this file into Documents/first_last/TECH1010/Computer_Usage/Assignment1.docx
(where first_last is your name separated by an underscore)
Close this file and then create a .zip file of the first_last and all of it’s sub directories and files. Name the
zip file
Submit the .zip file to the instructor via