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Seminar Series
1st October, 1pm
Ulf Klein (Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Centre, New
“Molecular Control of Mature B-Cell Development”
26th November: Mary Collins (University College London)
“Regulation of NFkappaB signalling by viral and cellular FLIP
8th October: Sophie Hambleton (University of Newcastle)
“Forward Genetics of Human Immunity – Learning from Extreme 3rd December: Graham Anderson (University of Birmingham)
“Control of T-cell development and tolerance in the thymus”
15th October: Ann Ager (University of Cardiff)
“Directing the traffic of effector T lymphocytes: breaking down
22nd October: Oliver Pabst (Institute of Molecular
Medicine, Aachen, Germany)
“Pathways of IgA induction in the intestine”
10th of December: Ludewig Burkhard (Institute of
Immunobiology, St. Gallen, Switzerland)
Title TBC
7th of January: Mads Gyrd-Hansen (University of Oxford)
Title TBC
29th October: Graham Lord (King’s College London)
“The role of the transcription factor T-bet in gut mucosal
14th of January: Arthur Kaser (University of Cambridge)
“ER stress and autophagy conspiring in the Crohn's disease
5th November: Jessica Quintin (The Pasteur Institute, Paris)
“Innate immune memory: ‘training’ and beyond”
21st of January: Philippe Bousso (Institut Pasteur, Paris)
Title TBC
12th November: Mark Field (University of Dundee)
“A novel nuclear lamina in trypanosomes: Evolution, epigenetics
and immune evasion”
28th of January: Catharien Hilkens (University of Newcastle)
Title TBC
19th November: Reinhold Förster (Hannover Medical School,
Title TBC
4th of February: Steven Singer (Georgetown University,
“Lessons from animal models of giardiasis”
The Manchester Immunology Group is part of the 3i Research Theme
Seminar Series
11th of February: Esther de Jong (University of Amsterdam, The
Title TBC
7th of April: Careers Seminar by Taylor Rowlinson
Title TBC
18th of February: Steffen Jung (Weizmann Institute of
Science, Rehovot, Israel)
“Macrophages –Tissue Specialisations and Functions”
14th of April: Alan Sher (NIAID, Bethesda)
Title TBC
25th of February: Alexandre Potocnik (The university of Edinburgh
“Integrins in haematopoiesis: What is the impact of alpha4
integrin on stem cell and progenitor survival, migration and
3rd of March: Graham Pawelec - Helmholtz Centre for Infection
Research,Tuebingen, Germany)
“Immunosenescence and Cancer: is there an Immune Risk”
10th of March: Andres Hidalgo (CNIC, Madrid, Spain)
“Innate immunity beyond inflammation”
17th of March: Paras Anand (Imperial College London)
Title TBC
of March: Santiago Zelenay - CRUK MI
“Cyclooxygenase-dependent tumour growth through evasion of
31st of March: Nick Gay (University of Cambridge)
Title TBC
21st of April: Kris Clark (University of Dundee)
Title TBC
28th of April: Leonie Taams (Kings College London)
“Cellular and molecular mechanisms of immune regulation
in inflammatory arthritis”
5th of May: Mark Peakman (Kings College London)
“HLA-guided studies of autoreactive T cells in type 1 5th
12th of May: Ken Murphy (Washington University)
“Development and function of dendritic cell subsets in
19th of May: Edward Pearce (University of Freiburg)
“The metabolic regulation of innate immune cell activation”
26th of May: Amy Buck (University of Edinburgh)
“Vesicle and RNA secretion by helminths: a new mode of
parasite-host communication”
The Manchester Immunology Group is part of the 3i Research Theme