Becoming An Effective Advisory Organization Member

Few organizations are more dependent on their
boards or advisory organizations than The
Salvation Army.
Advisory Boards are absolutely essential in the
work and acceptance of The Salvation Army in
communities in which they serve.
Partners in Mission – A board member should
support the mission of The Salvation Army.
The Salvation Army’s motivation is spiritual,
and its goal is to minister to the whole person –
body and spirit.
The Salvation Army, an international movement,
is an evangelical part of the universal Christian
Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is
motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to
preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet
human needs in His name without discrimination.
The Salvation Army was designed on a military
pattern for effectiveness and efficiency.
The Army is an international movement in over
100 countries around the world.
International Headquarters is in London,
England and is commanded by the General.
In the United States The Salvation Army is
divided into four territories. The operations of
the four territories are coordinated nationally by
National Headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia.
The Eastern Territory,
headquartered in New York
State, includes The Northern
New England Division.
(Maine, New Hampshire and
The Divisional Commander
oversees these operations
from Divisional Headquarters
in Portland, Maine.
Presently, 24 corps, or
Community centers exist
in the Division, mainly in
large cities.
Waterville, Maine
Salvation Army officers have the status of
ordained ministers and are employed by the
Army in a professional capacity and on a
full-time basis.
They are members of The Salvation Army who
have committed their life to doing God's will and
serving others.
The primary and most important function is to
support the local corps officers.
The board assumes a liaison role between The
Salvation Army and the community. The board
will work to increase the visibility of the
organization and its interaction within the
The board members also function as
interpreters. They must interpret the
community to The Salvation Army so as to
understand its pulse, character and needs.
This will provide better understanding for
developing appropriate programs and funding
The board must be instrumental in developing
goals and a strategic plan of action to achieve
those goals.
Board members are the doers.
The very nature of a not-for-profit
organization is to depend on its board for
fundraising assistance.
Along with fundraising comes fiscal
accountability. Since each local unit must stand
on its own financially, the Advisory Board must be
involved in this process to help ensure a solid
financial operation and appropriate accountability
to the community.
A good Advisory Board is a stabilizing unit and
a significant element of continuity for the
Army in a community.
Seven standing committees on the board:
Community relations-development
Bequest, endowment, planned giving
There are two key principles at work in the board
development process.
Development is a continual process to which each
board member should be committed.
Board development is both collective and
You have been invited to provide leadership to
one of the world’s most respected organizations.
Peter Drucker called The Salvation Army “by far
the most effective organization in the U.S.,” in
Forbes magazine.
Your commitment includes:
Serving a three-year term.
Acting as a Salvation Army community liaison and
good-will ambassador.
Attending monthly meetings.
Willingness to actively participate on Board committees.
Contribution to the financial support of the Corps.
Lending functional and/or financial support to
Board endorsed special events.
Good Communication.
Monthly Finance Report.
Monthly Program & Service Report.
Long And Short Term Goals.