On the Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and
Gunnison National Forests (GMUG), survey
results show increased spruce beetle mortality
on an additional 64,000 acres of forest over
2013 results, totaling approximately 224,000
acres of spruce beetle mortality from 19962014.
As a timber specialist, please use the data we collected in the field on Trees Per Acre
(TPA) and average DBH to determine the approximate amount of board feet per
acre. Assume that all spruce forests can be characterized by the data we collected in
the field. Please determine the value of lumber if we logged all of the beetle-killed
spruce from the Gunnison, Grand Mesa and Uncompahgre National Forests.
To calculate Board feet: first determine the “merchantable height in logs” Round to
the nearest value. Then use the average DBH to estimate the “Board-feet volume.”
Multiply this number by the average Trees Per Acre you calculated in the field. This
gives you the approximate board feet per acre.
Multiple the board feet per acre by the cost per board foot. This will give you the
value per acre of the lumber.
Multiple the value per acre by the number of acres to determine a total value for
the lumber.
**Remember, this is just an approximation for the “market value” of the lumber.
This doesn’t take into account how much the Forest Service will need to spend to
create logging roads and protect sensitive habitat. It also doesn’t factor in the cost to
the timber companies of actually cutting, stacking, and driving the trees to the
lumber mill.
One log = ~ 16 ft.
Price estimate from Montrose Forest Products: ~ $5 per board foot is a high
estimate for what they would pay for raw spruce trees.
$100 per cord Cut for heating in woodstoves.