SSPP School Board Technology Committee update May 2015

Updated Technology Purchase Plan
Purchases to be split between the remaining funds in 2014-15 ($52,000) and the
capital request for 2015-16 ($60,000)
Projects to be completed
– Purchase 2 high speed printers for computer lab – these will be compatible with future
network printing solution (2014-15 budget)
– Purchase 3 laptop carts (1 cart from 2014-15, 2 carts from capital allocation 2015-16)
First floor Junior High building, Elementary building and one spare for the computer lab in the JH
Some of the newer machines from the spare cart will be swapped with “less nice” machines from the
current carts
Spare cart will allow for classes with more than 30 kids to borrow laptops so that each child in class
can have one if needed
– Summer Assistant – to be paid from Technology operations budget, cannot be paid from
capital funds
– Additional wireless ports and Meraki subscription fees to support additional machines (201415)
– Upgrade Windows on all machines ($5000) (2014-15)
Old Slides from
February 2015 Planning
SSPP Technology Update
• Current/ finished projects for 2014-15 school
• Projected projects for 2014-15 school year
• Future projects
• Strategic planning alignment of future projects
• Capital Request
• Next Steps
2014-15 Current Spend
Current/ finished projects
for 2014-15 school year
– Update completed – will continue to add content
Computers and Lab Updates
– 18 Teacher laptops imaged with windows 7, which completed the transition for the entire
school from Windows XP
– Network drives established for students and staff to allow access to files from all school
– Content Filter was installed for added security to block malicious websites.
– Installed Lanschool Remote Desktop in both computer labs so class activity can be monitored
from an iPad
– Kid Pix 3D software installed in the Elementary lab for grades K-3
– Older laptops repurposed to elementary building for internet research capability
Other equipment
– Moved/ purchased Smart Boards/ Mimio in rooms without them
– Breeze web based software was purchased and installed in the JH Entrance to be utilized on
the large HD display board
– Replaced the Bell System computer, upgraded the software and updated the schedule
Projected projects for
2014-15 school year
Edline to School Speak conversion
Move Smart Board in Elementary Library into Elementary Computer Lab ($1900)
Re-configure network ports in certain rooms
Additional access points (5 @ $800 for 5 year lease) needed to support capital request of adding additional
mobile carts
Import all 4 - 8th grade students into School Speak, training staff on new tool
Create a tutorial for parents on how to navigate School Speak
Other equipment
Edit e-Envelope so it's on the new school website template.
Create Teacher pages for the new website and hold training for staff members. Move any remaining items
on edline to new website
Purchase Typing Agent to track student progress, web-based will be able to be used at home ($1200 annual
Purchase Math & Science software for computer labs (allocate $4000 annual fee)
Purchase teacher resource website SimpleK12 ($3,060 annual fee – to be purchased from annual fund
teacher resource funds)
Purchase imaging software with 12 port switch (still need quote)
Update to newer version of Microsoft office ($1100 annual fee)
Total remaining spend identified - $12,200
Future Projects
• Targeted for School Year 2015-16
– Purchase Smart Notebook 14 (3 year license $1900)
– Create new School Mobile App, with the company that works directly
with our School website company for more advanced features ($3000
annual fee)
– Install mobile carts included in capital request
• Targeted for Summer 2016
– Set up Network Printing Solution to reduce overall printer costs and
streamline (quotes to be requested over next six months).
– Would include new copier for main office
• Other items to streamline work - Timeline TBD
– Purchase work order system for a more organized way to keep track of
– Build out server room at school to support ease of access to machines
for daily support activities
Strategic Planning Alignment with
Technology related initiatives
In Process / Ongoing
To foster a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith among parents and children through media, programs
and technology.
To expand technology related curricular initiatives
To appoint a committee to investigate the potential benefits of electronic devices vs. textbooks with the potential goal to be textbook free in 3
To use technology to increase field based learning opportunities.
To create two additional lap top labs in the Jr. High*.
To increase the use of online supplemental programs.
To offer a new foreign language enrichment program for online use.
To continue to pursue communication channels through technology to best serve and inform parents. *
To provide ongoing professional development for teachers in the area of technology and how to incorporate
in the classroom.
To use additional electronic methods for communicating and marketing*
To replace computers in both the elementary and Jr. High labs.
To develop a school “app”
To convert our school’s web page to Word Press to make it accessible to Apple devices.
Related to Advancement Board initiatives
To invest in database software to collect information about external inquiries, open houses and those who contact
the school for information. (Provide appropriate training for data entry and maintenance to administrative staff.)
To increase the percentage of online giving.
*In Process
Capital Requests
• 3 additional laptop carts ($25,000 each)
– Two for junior high building
– One for elementary building
– Specs
• 30 student HP laptops
• Charging cart
• Microsoft Office Pro installed on machines
• Reserve for SmartBoard replacement ($6000)
• $81,000 total
• The additional laptop carts will allow us to begin planning a
replacement cycle of computers that will allow for updated
machines without replacing all of them in the same year.
Next Steps
• Capital request to be included in ask of the
advancement board
• Begin identifying possible participants for
committee to look at options around
electronic textbooks and devices vs. new
• Move forward on projects in this year’s budget