Solid Waste Collection Contract Assessment Questions and

Solid Waste Collection Contract Assessment Questions and Answers
Why is my assessment being increased?
The County has entered into a new, 7 year Collection Agreement with Waste Management. These
assessments provide the funds for payment to the contractor, and to cover other minor operating expenses
related to collection and recycling. The amount shown in the letter/public notice is the maximum amount to
be charged for the entire 7 years of the contract. The final rate will be set by the Board of County
Commissioners (BOCC) at the Public Hearing on August 20, 2013.
Will my assessment increase each year?
We are proposing to the BOCC that a flat rate be set that would remain the same for the entire seven years
of the contract.
I’m switching to smaller carts, why do I have to pay the same rate?
Solid Waste pays the contractor the same amount per billing unit regardless of the size of cart. Additionally,
it would be difficult to try to set rates for every different cart option scenario. The rates go into effect on
October 1, yet residents will still have 60 days to exchange their carts, so it would be difficult to have
different rates. Furthermore, if residents purchase their own carts, we would have no way of knowing who
What is a billing unit?
A billing unit is the base amount the assessment is based on. One single family residence is equivalent to
one billing unit and is assessed the full rate. Multi-family, e.g. condos, trailer parks, apartments, are
assessed at 75% of the rate, and condominium Recreational Vehicle sites are assessed at 39% of the rate.
Can I opt out of having my garbage collected by the contractor?
No, collection is mandatory in accordance with County Ordinance 94-32. A collection exemption application
can be submitted if all of the following conditions are met: (a) property is not adjacent to a street accessible
to a standard solid waste collection vehicle; (b) the owner can demonstrate that the owner has a sanitary
and effective method of collecting and transporting solid waste to the County’s landfill(s); (c) the owner has
made application in accordance with Section 94-242.
I am only here for a few months each year; do I have to pay the full amount?
Part-time residents have the ability to submit an application for a vacancy adjustment if the property is
vacant continuously and uninterrupted for an entire six consecutive calendar months as evidenced by
electric or water bills. If approved, you will receive a 50% credit toward the assessment.
What is the Uniform Collection Method?
That is the process by which the County collects taxes and assessments. Basically, it means the
assessments will be reflected on the property tax bill and collected when the taxes are paid.
What does it mean that yard waste will be collected in the same manner as in the past?
There will be no automated collection of yard waste.
collection, has not changed.
The requirements for preparing yard waste for
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