DW 5-1

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Directions: Work the following problems based on Chapter 5 Section 1.
Title: Daily Work 5-1
Match each description in column B to the correct term in column A.
Column A
_____ 1. Quantum
_____ 2. Atomic orbitals
_____ 3. Energy level
_____ 4. Quantum mechanical model
Column B
a. A region in space around the nucleus of an atom where an electron
is likely moving.
b. The regions around the nucleus within which the electrons have the
highest probability of being found.
c. The amount of energy required to move an electron from its present
energy level to the next higher one.
d. The modern description of the behavior of electrons in atoms.
5. Why did Rutherford’s atomic model need to be replaced?
6. What was the basic new proposal in the Bohr model of the atom?
7. What does the quantum mechanical model determine about the electrons in atoms?
8. How do two sublevels of the same principal energy level differ from each other?
9. How can electrons in an atom move from one energy level to another?
10. The energies of electrons are said to be quantized. Explain what this means.
11. How many orbitals are in the following sublevels?
a. 3p sublevel
b. 2s sublevel
c. 4p sublevel
d. 3d sublevel
12. How many sublevels are contained in each of these principal energy levels?
a. n=1
b. n=2
c. n=3
e. 4f sublevel
d. n=4