Chapter 5
#1) Why did Rutherford’s atomic model
need to be replaced?
Rutherford’s model looked
a bit like a solar system
It didn’t explain such things
as why elements
give off light of specific colors
when heated:
Example: fireworks, iron
#2) What was the basic new proposal
in the Bohr model?
That electrons
each contain
a specific amount of
energy as defined by
their orbit. The further
out the electron orbits,
more energy the electron
has. Orbits are fixed distances.
#3) What does the quantum mechanical
model determine about electrons in atoms?
That electrons can only orbit in very specific
energy levels, they cannot orbit BETWEEN these
#4) How do two sublevels of the same
principle energy level differ from eachother?
Play Chem ASAP from PHschool
The orbitals are shaped
#5 How can electrons in an atom move from
one energy level to another?
Bohr Model
#6) The energies of electrons are said
to be quantized. Explain what that means.
Each electron
contains in its
orbital a very
specific amount
or “quantum”
of energy. If an
electron gains or
loses energy, it
must change its orbital.
Cool periodic table
#7) How many orbitals are in the following sublevels?
a. 3p sublevel
b. 2s sublevel
c. 4p sublevel
d. 3d sublevel
e. 4f sublevel