Packwagon Scramble Leaders Guide

The Great All American
Cub Scout Packwagon Scramble
Lagonda District in Cooperation with Blue Jacket and Bullskin Trail
Leaders Guide
Saturday January 26, 2013
4-H Building Champaign County Fairgrounds
Host: Pack 311
Springfield, Ohio
Great All American Packwagon Scramble
General Rules
 The Pack will enter a wagon with four wheels. The Pack’s unit number will be displayed
on the wagon. A team of no more than 5 will pull the wagon at any given. You may
have as many people at your ranch as you’d like.
 The team will be compromised of Tiger, Wolf, Bear and Webelos Scouts and other
family members of the same age group. One adult must accompany the wagon and its
team at all times.
 The team, adult and wagon must return to the Pack’s designated Ranch after each
station has been completed.
 Pack teams and/or accompanying adults can be changed at the Pack’s Ranch before
proceeding to the next station.
 The team will complete the requirements of each station. The adult will record any
waiting time and will report that time after completion of the station. The adult cannot
coach the team when at the station.
 Upon completion of the course, the finish time will be recorded. Any waiting times will
be subtracted and any penalty times will be added for the “official” race time.
 Ranch assignments and the starting station will be determined at check-in on the day of
the event.
 Awards will be presented after all wagons have completed the course and the official
race times have been determined.
 Tigers, Cubs and Webelos Scouts should be in uniform for the opening ceremony.
Other Information
 Each Pack must register and pay the fee of $10 by December 1, 2012 at the Council
Service Center. Patches are $3 each and must be ordered and paid in full by the
December 1st date as well. No late registration will be accepted this first year of the
event to make sure it is coordinated appropriately. Extra patches, if any, will be
available first come first serve the day of the event.
 Each Pack must supply…..
 A concession stand sponsored by… will be operating for your convenience. It is strongly
encouraged that each Pack brings their own drinking water. You may also pack in your
own snacks and food.
 The winning pack will host the event next year; design the patch and sponsor the
concession stand (have the chance to hold as fundraiser).
Event Schedule
Pack Check-in
Wagonmaster Meeting
Race Begins
Awards (no later than)
Station Events
1. Feats of Skill
The team will do the following in a relay: Run through tires, 15
sit-ups, 10 pushups, standing long jump and crawl through the
plastic culvert.
2. Marksmanship
The team will shoot at five targets from … feet away with …
(marshmallow shooters?)
3. Akela’s Den
The team will know the following: Cub Scout Motto, Promise, Law
of the Pack, Cub Scout Sign and the Cub Scout Handshake.
4. Water Hole
The team will do the following: Pick up 5 #10 cans at the corral,
go to the water hole and fill the cans, haul the cans back to the
corral in the wagon, empty cans in the watering trough. Score will
the based on the amount of water in the trough.
5. Orienteering
The team will take a compass bearing on five different objects
around the room.
6. Knot Tying
The team will identify four knots and tie a square knot.
7. US Station
The team will name the President, Vice-President, US Capitol,
three states and their Capitols (other than Ohio), recite the Pledge
of Allegiance and fold the American Flag properly.
8. Bird Identification
The team will identify five birds common to Ohio.
9. Team Challenge
A relay type race will be announced on race day.
Bike Safety
The team will demonstrate the proper hand signals for a
right turn, left turn and stops; will answer two questions
regarding bike safety.
Tree Identification
The team will identify five trees common to Ohio.
Ohio Station
The team will name the governor, capitol, three counties,
state bird and state flower.
Soccer Kick
The team will get 5 kicks of a soccer ball to attempt goal.
Uniform Insignia
The team will place several Cub Scout uniform insignia in the
proper place on the uniform.
Team Challenge
A relay type race will be announced on race day.
Rank Identification
The team must identify and put in order the ranks of Cub
Webelos Station
The team must identify 5 Webelos activity pins.
First Aid Station
The team will name five items in a standard First Aid Kit.
Secret Word
The team must solve the word scramble.
Scout Knowledge
The team must identify or name the following: Akela,
Scouting’s founder’s name, Boy Scouting’s highest rank,
council name, district name, and camp’s name.