Ramble Parramatta info

12th July 2013
Dear Leaders,
Our Region Cub Outing, otherwise known as ‘Parramatta Ramble’, will be held on
Sunday 25th August 2013 from 10am to 4pm. Please arrange your travelling time accordingly.
Participation in this day’s activities will enable your Cub Scouts to complete Part Two of the
Local History Badge. Cost of the Day is $6.00 per person (which covers museum entry and a special
limited edition badge).
You need to advise us how you are travelling. If you are travelling by train it would be helpful if you
can advise the time of your arrival to help us co-ordinate movement of everyone, so we are not all at
the same place at the same time!
If travelling by car plan to make your way to either Parramatta Park, the Swimming Centre Car Park
or the Parramatta Visitors Centre. (Please indicate clearly on your A1 where you are meeting)?
This day is a walking activity so it would be best if lunch, drinks and snacks are carried in a small back
pack. On arrival you will be given instructions and a set of tasks to complete. Please make sure that
at least one Leader in your Pack carries a small first aid kit for minor incidents.
All adults will need to bring photo ID as the Lancer Barracks (one of our stops) is a working
An A1 has been created but please adjust the information to suit your Pack.
Complete the Registration Sheet for your Pack and include the names of everyone attending
(including parents). You will need to attach an A1 for each person (keep a copy for your records).
These will need to be at the Region Office by Thursday 15th August 2013.
If you have any questions - please contact me.
Looking forward to a great day out.
Anne Thompson
Region Commissioner Cub Scouts
Mobile: 0414 819 884
Email: [email protected].com