Sociology Wki

By: Duniya Awad & Samantha
Orange Is The New Black
Ten Key Terms:
Social Conflict Approach
Social Group
Medication for deviance
Societal Protection
Significant Other
Culture Shock
Social Conflict Approach:
• A framework for building theory that sees
society as an arena of inequality that generates
conflict and change.
Social Conflict Approach: OITNB
• In the show Red causes conflict for Alex when she insults her cooking.
• She denies Alex certain foods or sometimes food till Alex changes her
mind and does something for Red.
• Sexual attraction of people of the same gender or sex.
Homosexuality: OITNB
• In the show many of the women in the prison
are homosexual.
• Alex and Piper have an on and off relationship
and mutual attraction toward each other.
• Sexual attraction of two people of the opposite
gender or sex.
Heterosexuality: OITNB
• Piper was in a relationship and engaged to Larry
for a while before he found out about Alex and
after her first relationship run with Alex.
Social Group:
• Two or more people who identify with and
interact with one another.
Social Group: OITNB
• In the prison all the women are in a social group or group of people
they identify with.
• Most common in the show is by race and belief.
• On the show Tiffany has a social group or followers based on their
common beliefs.
• Norms that are widely observed and have great
moral significance
Norms: OITNB
• On the show there is a prison norm that everyone is common with.
• The show in a whole breaks the norms of media and television with
the appearance of dominantly woman, people of minority, LGBTQ,
and elderly people.
Medicalization of Deviance:
• The transfer of moral and legal deviance into a
medical condition.
Medication of Deviance: OITNB
• On the show Crazy Eyes has a flashback moment
where she shows us her childhood and how she
was in treatment and medicated for acting out.
• The violation of society’s formally enacted
criminal law.
Crime: OITNB
• On the show the setting is a prison and all of the women
there where sent there for committing a crime.
• For Example: Piper was sent there for fraud and carrying
illegal drug money across borders which is a crime in society.
Societal Protection:
• Rendering an offender incapable of further
offenses temporarily through imprisonment or
permanently by execution.
Societal Protection: OITNB
• In the show most of the women are sent to the prison so that they do
no further harm to society nor themselves.
• For example: Dayanara’s mother is sent to prison for drug related
charges in order for her not top spread it and for the protection
against her own children.
Significant Other:
• People, such as parents, who have special
importance for socialization.
Significant Other: OITNB
• On the show many people have a significant other inside and outside
the prison.
• For example: Dia and John have a relationship inside the prison
though it is against the rules and have a baby on the way.
Culture Shock:
• Personal disorientation when experiencing an
unfamiliar way of life.
Culture Shock: OITNB
• For Piper prison is culture shock never being there or
even imaging to be there. She experiences a cultural
shock where she makes many mistakes and slowly
learns to adapt.
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