Marine Biology and Habitat

Plankton is a drifting organism that lives in an aquatic
Environment, including both fresh water and marine.
They are the base of the food web in these environments.
Nekton is very similar to plankton, except for the way they
Move. Plankton free floats with the currant, but nekton
Actively swims where they want to go.
• Benthos are the organisms that which live on
and or near the seabed, also known as the
benthic zone. They live in tidal pools along
the ocean floor. Some examples are starfish,
oysters, clams, sea cucumbers, and brittle
Feeding relationships
• Symbiosis means living together and when speaking of marine
biology it refers to a close relationship between two species.
An example is a clown fish and an anemone.
• These symbiotic relationships can be divided into three
• Mutualism- both species benefit.
• Commensalism- One specie benefits and one is not affected.
• Parasitism- One specie benefits and the other is harmed.