What? Eastern Woodlands Native American Culture Why? To help

What? Eastern Woodlands Native
American Culture
Why? To help include outside
information in our Document-Based
Question (DBQ) Essay
 Do Now: What part of the North America is
the Eastern Woodlands located?
I. Algonquian groups
 Common language spoken among many
tribes in the Eastern Woodlands was
 Hunters and gatherers
 Farmed to produce maize (corn) and other
 Shelter: Wigwams during the summer,
longhouses during the winter
Native American cultures map
Document-Based Question (DBQ)
 Historical context – background
information on topic/time period
 Task – what to include and write in your
- How did Native Americans living on the
plains and in the northeastern woodlands
use their natural resources to meet their
needs and wants?
DBQ short answer responses
 Read the directions for clues
 Short answers are the key facts, examples
and details from the document
 Document types: maps, diaries, journal
entries, government documents, speeches,
political cartoons, court case, articles,
Individual task
 Read Documents 2-4 and fill in the short answer
breakdown graphic organizer for each
 Be sure to fill out all information in the boxes
 Then answer the questions in your notebooks