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The Army National Guard’s Defensive
Driving Online Course
User’s Guide
>>Accessing the Web Site
To access the web site go to:
>> Site Orientation
Click here to download a
PowerPoint Presentation
about the web site.
Soldiers, please
read about the new
Defensive Driving
Program features.
>> Welcome Page
Lieutenant General
Schultz has an
important safety
message for the
>> New Student Log-in Screen
Each Army
Guard State
will have a
access code.
Enter the
Code and
click on the
A soldier should use the Access Code one time
only. This code should be considered confidential
and will be tracked by the site administrator for
misuse. Unauthorized users may be prosecuted.
>> Completing the Registration Form
The soldier will complete or
create information for the
following fields.
Login Name
The UIC field is a
drop down menu
and will also
populate the Unit
Assigned field.After Completing
the enrollment
Soldier, this UIC
code can be form, click on
obtained from the
Safety Office. If
your code does not
appear, you can
manually enter it in
the next field.
Login Password
First & Last Name
Phone {best way to reach}
Unit Address
City, State, & Zip Code
After submitting the
information, you will receive an
email with the Login Name &
Password you created.
>> Returning Student
Enter your Login
Name and Password
created during the
registration process.
Click on the Log In
button to proceed to
the “My Place” page.
>> My Place
By clicking on the Safety button,
this will take you to the Defensive
Driving Course.
>> My Course
Click on NSC-ARNG Defensive Driving to start
the course. Soldiers, please note that the length of
the course is about 3 hours, and it can be completed
in total or segments. The course is designed to
bookmark your progress only after you have
finished the introduction.
Soldiers this link
has the course
objective and
also records your
>>Course Objective & Soldier’s Progress
The Army National
Guard’s objective for
offering this course.
Viewing percentage,
exam scores, and course
status can also be viewed
on this page.
>> Progress
This page will provide the soldier with his/her progress,
including exam scores, last date course was accessed,
and percentage of the course that has been completed.
>> Feedback
Soldiers, please take a few
extra minutes to complete
the feedback form. Your
answers will remain
anonymous and are for
statistical purposes only.
>> Update Account
Please update your
information to
keep records
Each Army Guard location will have a unique access code.
Example: AKDDC
Each Safety and Occupational Health Manager/Specialist will be provided
with a unique Login Name and Password by the Safety Serve Technical
Support Team. This gives administrators the ability to report and track
student usage, progress, certificate distribution, etc.
>> Technical Support
Safety Serve technical support is available via
email and a toll free phone number.
>>ARNG Safety Personnel
Directory of the Safety and Occupational Health Managers/Specialists listed by location.
>>Frequently Asked Questions
This page contains many
frequently asked questions
the soldier may have using
this site. As needed,
changes and updates will be
maintained by the Safety
Serve help desk personnel.
>> DoD Certificate
Please remember to use your Safety-Belt - "Make it Click"
Army National Guard - Defensive Driving Course
Driver's License Number: VA123-45-6789 Course Completion Date: 3/1/2003
Expiration Date: 2/28//2007
Has completed the Army National Guard Defensive Driving Course training requirement per AR 385-55. Per DoD
4500.36-R, this form will be used in lieu of OF 346 and authorizes the above individual to operate non-tactical
administrative DoD motor vehicles where gross vehicle weight (GVW) is less than 10,000 pounds.
Commander/Supervisor: ___________________________Date: 3/1/2003
1 DEC 95
Please enter your driver’s license
number and your name; then please
print. This form is only valid with a
Commander/Supervisor signature.
Solicitation of this information is authorized by 40 U.S.C. 471 and 5 CFR Part 930 Subpart A, which requires OPM to
regulate Federal employees use of Government-owned or leased motor vehicles. Executive Order 9397 authorized
agencies to use the Social Security Number (SSN) as an identifier in government personnel record systems. Your SSN and
other data provided is used primarily by the National Drivers Register Service to check your driving record. Other possible
uses include disclosure to former employers or law enforcement agencies to obtain additional related information.
Furnishing your SSN as well as the other data is voluntary. However, failure to provide any of the data requested may
result in your not being issued a U.S. Government Motor Vehicle Operator's Identification Card. When driving a motor
vehicle is a prerequisite to employment, you may not be able to obtain/retain employment without such a card.
>> Quick Reference Sheet
• URL is:
• Log-in Name is:_______________________
• Password is: _________________________
>> Family and Friends Retail Site
The Army National Guard is
extending the safety benefit
to the family and friends of
their soldiers. Safety is
priority ONE!
Family and Friends* site for Defensive Driving
*This website is for use by family and friends of the Army National Guard
The Defensive Driving Course for Personal Computer (DDC-PC) is based on the same content used in the National Safety
Council's eight-hour, instructor-led Defensive Driving Course, the most widely used driver safety program in the world. More
than 55 million drivers have learned to protect themselves on the road by taking part in National Safety Council programs. The
goal of the Defensive Driving Course is to train drivers in collision prevention techniques while promoting an attitude of mutual
understanding, courtesy and cooperation on the road. With DDC-PC you can receive this training at your convenience from the
desktop. Using state-of-the-art animation and graphics, the online version offers an engaging, interactive learning environment
where students analyze real driving situations, spot driving hazards, and identify the correct defenses. You can receive a
certificate of completion from the National Safety Council that, in many States, may be used to lower automobile insurance
rates. Check with your insurance carrier before you enroll to see if you qualify.
Retail Value of $41.25……..Offered to you for $29.95
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