Crucible Vocabulary Slide

Crucible Vocabulary Slide
For each of the words you’ve been assigned, create a
PP slide that contains the following info:
• The word
• The word’s definition
• Synonyms for the word
• An original sentence that uses the word properly
(meaning and usage)
• A (classroom appropriate) picture that corresponds
to your sentence
• A trick for remembering the definition of the word
Crucible - (noun) 1) a heat-resistant container in which ores,
metals, and impurities are melted; 2) testing circumstances that cause
people to change; 3) an ordeal, test, or severe trial
Synonyms: trial, tribulation, difficulty, adversity
• In all my favorite kung fu movies, before the protagonist even engages in
any actual combat, he or she is forced to go through an extremely difficult
training regimen, which is typically our hero’s real crucible.
• I can remember the first definition of crucible by imagining the letter u as a
container that holds liquid metal.
• I can remember the second and third definitions because “crucible” has the same
first three letters as the word “crush,” and a crucible can be a severe test or trial
that has the potential to crush someone.