The Crucible Vocabulary List 1—Quiz will be next

The Crucible Vocabulary List 1 of 2—Quiz will be next Thursday. Define all of the words
below in very concise definitions. Please note that we may add a few more as we read.
*After you define the words concisely, choose any ten with which you are most unfamiliar and you can do one
of the following: make flashcards, draw images, or write the words in humorous sentences that show the context
of the meaning.
1. crucible
2. adamant
3. ameliorate
4. anarchy
5. conciliatory
6. contentious
7. corroborate
8. deference
9. deposition
10. dissembling
11. effrontery
12. immaculate
13. imperceptible
14. iniquity
15. subservient
16. trepidation
17. pretense
18. faction
19. entity
20. exude
Self-selected words (choose at least five more words that you are unfamiliar with
from the text):