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Graphic Arts
My name is Ms. Masihi
pronounced masseehee
My Credentials
 I have been teaching Computer related subjects since the year 2000
 In 2011, I earned a Master of Arts degree specializing in Education Technology
from CSUN
 Some of the computer subjects I taught were; word processing, spreadsheets,
databases, multimedia presentations, publications, Stick figure Animation
Scratch programming and Google apps such as docs, sheets and sites
 After teaching Photoshop I realized how much of my creativity had been
suppressed for the sake of Math and Science and decided to enroll in a Design
Fundamental’s course with UCLA and I am proud to share my learning with you
in this course
What will I learn?
 In this course you will learn the
design fundamentals of Graphic
Design and the history.
 You will draw, take pictures, edit and manipulate
images with Photoshop and convert raster images into
vector with Illustrator.
 After every few weeks of acquiring skills in Photoshop,
we will create industry led Graphic Design projects
such as a logo, a Movie Poster, a CD Album cover.
 And lastly, you will create a master piece for the Final
To access and submit assignments?
To access 100% of the Assignments and 90% of the
digital Files you will use my website at
To access digital files but to also save and submit
projects for grading you will use the school server
folder, the address of which will be provided on
the board
How is the grading weighed?
Teacher Demonstrations
Design Fundamentals
Graphic Design Projects
Classroom Expectations & Rules
Final Art
Graphic Arts –
course requirements
Memorize the course website address –
Personal Ear phones/head phones (a must)
To begin with, a notebook or a section of a
notebook dedicated to Graphic Arts (a must) until
the your personal folder is ready on the server
One flash drive (a must)
Graphic Arts
Please Note
 This is a structured course requiring 100% focus and
dedication to stay to earn an ‘A’.
 it’s very easy to drop to a lower grade by missing just a
few projects and not respecting and following the class
 I hope you will stay and learn with me however, know
that there is a deadline for switching if this is not the
course for you.
Graphic Arts
Do you have any questions?
Quiz time
What are the 5 categories of grading?
What items should you bring to this
What is the course website address?
What weight is given to classroom
expectations and rules?
Next 1. Use a pen/pencil to answer the
questions on the questionnaire.
2. Swap the form with your neighbor
3. Your neighbor will stand up, position
themselves to face the entire class and
introduce the person
Graphic Arts
• Nice to meet you
• Next session, we
will learn the class
procedures that
will be repeated 3
times during this