File spanish and french colonization

Spanish Colonization: Christopher
Italian Sea Captain and
map maker
 Wanted to sail west across
the Atlantic to reach the Far
 Queen Isabella and King
Ferdinand of Spain
eventually agreed to give
him money, supplies and a
The Voyage
Set sail from Spain August 3, 1492 with 90
men and 3 ships (Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria)
 After only three weeks, his crew began to
complain. Some wanted to throw him
 Finally, on October 12, 1492, sailor Rodrigo
Triana spotted land in the moonlight.
 They landed in the Bahamas and named the
natives Indians because he thought he had
reached the East Indies
The Voyage Continued
He made a total
of 4 voyages to
the “New World”
 He died in
disgrace because
no one yet
realized the
importance of his
Legacy: Age of Exploration
His voyage started the Age of
Exploration. He was the first
explorer to cross the Atlantic.
 Other Spanish explorers claimed
the southwestern United States,
Central America, and parts of
South America for Spain
French Exploration
France entered the Age of Exploration so that
Spain and Portugal would not become too rich and
The King of France wanted to find a northwest
passage – an all water route through or around
North America
French Explorers
1. 1524 – Giovanni da Verrazano – explored what
is now North Carolina to Newfoundland
2. 1535 – Jacques Cartier – discovered the St.
Lawrence river and claimed a large amount of land
for France
3. Samuel de Champlain – 1608 founded the first
settlement in New France – called it Quebec
4. Champlain was the first European to see the
Great Lakes
Robert de La Salle
1. 1682 – dreamed of
a great French empire
2. Sailed down the
Mississippi River
3. Claimed all land
drained by the
Mississippi for France
4. Named it Louisiana,
after the King