Ottoman Empire - Mrs. Stroo's WHAP

Ottoman Empire
Paige Myrick
Rise of Ottoman Empire
• One of the largest and longest lasting
• Lasted over 5 centuries up until 1922
• Founder: Osman (where Ottoman comes
• Founded around 1300
Ottoman growth
• The Ottoman empire grew because of 3 factors
– Osman and his descendants were clever
– Control of a link between Europe and Asia
– Creation of an army who learned the skills of
the Turkish army
Ottoman Military
• Mostly Turks and Janissaries (Christian
prisoners, military slaves)
• Janissaries stayed in barracks and trained
all year
• Islamic lands are known for slave soldiery
• Gave Ottomans military flexibility
• Fought on foot and learned to use guns
Science and Technology
• Cannons
• Lighter-weight firearms
• Played a large role on the battlefield
• Constantinople was the capitol of the
Byzantine Empire
• It became capitol of the Ottoman Empire
when Sultan Mehmad II conquered it
• The fall of Constantinople made the Ottomans
seem “bulletproof”
• Muslim Empire
• Islam was the official religion
• Seemed to recreate the original Islamic
• Glassmaking was common
– Oil lamps for mosques
– Small stained glass windows
• If you served on the military or were in the
bureaucracy and spoke in Osmanli, you were
considered in the group askeri (military class)
• This group was exempt from taxes and owed
their well-being to the sultan
Ottoman Fall
• The decline began when the expansions came
to an end
• Fell because it didn’t have a centralized
• Collapsed completely at the end of WW1
• It was too late to modernize
• Modern day Turkey
Hagia Sofia
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