Unit 6 vocabulary

1) Acceleration
2) Air Resistance
3) Average Speed
4) Balanced Forces
5) Direction
6) Energy
7) Force
8) Conservation of
9) Inclined Plane
10) Kinetic Energy
11) Load
12) Motion
13) Net Force
14) Newton
15) Position
16) Pulley
17) Potential Energy
18) Simple Machine
19) Unbalanced
20) Work
Change of an object's speed or direction
An opposing or slowing force caused by air
Average distance covered by an object per
unit time (total distance ÷ total time =
average speed)
Forces of an object that do not change the
motion of the object
The path that an object is moving or
What is needed to do work or cause
A push or pull that causes an object to
move, stop, or change direction—changes
the motion or position of an object.
Energy cannot be created no destroyed; it
changes from one form to another
A simple machine that is sloping at a
particular angle
Energy in motion
Amount of work done or expected to be
A change in an object's position, direction,
or location
The sum of all the forces acting on an
The SI unit for force
Where an object is located in space or
area occupied by a physical object.
A device consisting of a wheel over which
a rope or chain is pulled in order to lift
heavy objects
Energy that is stored in a system
Devices that reduce the amount of force
needed to move an object
Forces on an object that cause change in
the motion of the object
The use of force to move an object though
a distance W=Fd.