Force 10/29

 LT: I will be able to apply Newton’s law of motion
 Vocabulary:
 Static friction
 Force body diagram
 Review Homework 3
 Finish the conceptual part of Chapter 4—free body
diagrams and friction
 Balanced and Unbalanced forces Lab
 Homework: Homework worksheet #1 Newton’s Laws
 You will meet with your color-coded team
 Each of the next three labs will be with a new group
 Today’s lab is Balanced and Unbalanced Forces
 Everyone must write up the lab, so make sure that
everyone gets the data needed to do their calculations
 We Will Read Balanced and Unbalanced force
background on pg. 4 of the lab before starting
 Follow instructions carefully, you will need to put
together your inclined plane.
 If only one force acts on an object, the net force cannot
be ____________.
 If acceleration of an object is zero, the sum of the
forces acting on the object is _____________
 If the net force on an object is zero, than the object’s
acceleration is _________ but its velocity is not
necessarily ________________.
 If you are at rest , the net force on you is ____________.