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Poetic Device Chart (Knowledge Rating Scale)
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Allusion Worksheet
Bryant Author Notes
“Thanatopsis” Notes and Chart
Poe Author Notes
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Dickinson Author Notes
Dickinson Poem Notes
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“Out, Out” Chart
“Mending Wall” Worksheet and Chart
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• You may use your notes.
• You may not use your textbook.
• Plan ahead, so you can finish your essay in
one class period.
• Use third person only.
• Write in ink! I will deduct points.
• You can work on your original poem after the
• If you use at least three vocabulary words in
your essay, you will earn bonus points!
• You must use the words correctly..
• Earn up to five points of extra credit (one
point per word).
AB = Author Background
MI = Main Idea/Purpose
TH = Thesis Statement
TS = Topic Sentence
IQ = Introduce Quotes
D = Identify Devices
3E = Three Specific Examples
3P = Use Third Person
X = Expound/Explain
• Make sure you develop and explain your
• Each paragraph should contain
at least six sentences.
• Introduce quotes!
• Include line numbers after quotes. (98).
More Tips
• You may want to re-read the poems and write
down addition notes to make sure you have
enough literary devices to discuss in your
• If you want to group similes and metaphors in
one body paragraph and label it
“comparisons,” that is acceptable.
Example Thesis Statements
In the poem “The Raven,” Edgar Allen Poe uses
poetic devices such as repetition, allusions, and
onomatopoeia to express feelings of sorrow and death.
Edgar Allen Poe uses allusions, rhyme scheme,
and onomatopoeia in “The Raven” to reveal that the
speaker was constantly reminded of death and the
haunting of his sweet Lenore.
In “Thanatopsis” William Cullen
Bryant uses personification, imagery, and
juxtaposition to reveal the connection
between nature and death.
William Cullen Bryant uses
personification, simile, and imagery in
“Thanatopsis” to illustrate when people die,
they become nature.
Example Topic Sentences
Frost’s utilization of onomatopoeia or
sound words in “Out, Out” permits the author
to bring the saw to life.
Poe uses repetition in his poem “The
Raven” to reiterate and place emphasis on
death and its haunting presence.
Example Body Paragraph
Edgar Allen Poe uses many allusions in his poem
“The Raven” to give a feel of negative emotions using a
gothic style. One of these examples in the poem is “On the
Night’s Plutonian Shore!” This is important because
Plutonian is in relation to Pluto, who is the Roman god of
death, so this scene is filled with dark, deathlike feelings.
When the raven comes in and lands, the raven “perched
upon a bust of Pallas.” This is important because it makes
one feel like the raven is a messenger of death because he
lands upon Athena, who is the goddess of wisdom. Finally,
at the end of the poem the speaker asks, “Is there a balm in
Gilead?” He is asking if there is a way to make the pain of
his lost love one go away. All of these allusions portray
death and negative feelings in the poem.