Stanza 1 & 2 Translation

Translated version of ‘The Raven’
‘The Raven’ is the title of a poem written by Edgar Allan Poe and published in 1845.
Poe was famous for tales of horror and this poem has remained popular for more than
150 years now. The poem tells the story of a man who is sitting in his study late at night.
He hears knocking at the door, but can’t see anyone there. Finally a raven (a big black
bird) enters the room.
Look at the translated version of the opening verses of the poem below.
The Raven (translated by T. Gaughan)
One cold and dark midnight a long time ago, I was thinking about many things while I
tiredly looked at old books about ancient subjects. I was nodding over the books and
nearly asleep when I heard a tapping sound at the door to the room. The sound
surprised me, but I said to myself that it was just a visitor making the tapping sound, and
nothing else.
Thinking back now, I remember that it was in the middle of a bleak December. The fire
had burned down until it was just red coals so there was not much light in the room, and
I saw the shadows of the coal upon the floor. I wanted it to be day already. I couldn’t
sleep because of my sadness over Lenore, and looking at my books didn’t help my
state of mind.
The purple curtains in the room moved slightly and filled me with fear. To calm myself I
repeated over and over, “it is some visitor who wants to enter, a late visitor who wants
to enter, and nothing else.”
Soon I became less afraid and spoke to the door, “Sir or Madam, I’m sorry, but I was
almost asleep and you knocked so lightly on the door that I almost couldn’t hear you.”
Then I opened the door but there was nothing there.
I stood and looked into the darkness for a long time. I felt very afraid, but there was no
sound and everything was still. I whispered the word, “Lenore?” and heard a quiet echo,
“Lenore.”I heard nothing else.