People, place, and projects

People: Donald Norman
• UCSD (Cognitive Science and Psychology);
Apple Computer; Northwestern University
• Application of cognitive science to
People: Jakob Nielsen
• Bellcore, Technical University of
Denmark, Sun, …
• Usability. Discount usability engineering.
People: Jonathan
• UCSD PhD (Norman)
• MCC, Aarhus University, UC Irvine,
Microsoft Research, …
• HCI and CSCW research
• ACM Special Interest Group
• ACM SIGCHI brings together people working on
the design, evaluation, implementation, and study
of interactive computing systems for human use.
ACM SIGCHI provides an international,
interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas
about the field of human-computer interaction
Places: CMU HCII
• Carnegie-Mellon Human-Computer
Interaction Institute
Places: UMd HCIL
• University of Maryland’s Human-Computer
Interaction Laboratory
• One of the first university laboratories
devoted to HCI activities
Places: Virginia Tech HCI
• Virginia Tech’s Human-Computer
Interaction Group
• Example of an institution that has a major
focus in HCI