Intro to the skeletal system worksheet

Introduction to the Skeletal System
1.List and describe the 5 functions of the skeletal system
2.List the 4 types of bones, give an example of each.
3.Long Bones: label the long bone in your packet.
a. Define/describe each of the parts of the long bone
 Diaphysis
 Medullary cavity
 Epiphyses
 Articular cartilage
 Periosteum
 Endosteum
4. Differentiate between compact bone and spongy bone
5. Looking at the microscopic structure of bone (in your packet too),
 Trabeculae
 Osteon (haversian system)
 Lamella
 Central canal
 Lacunae
 Canaliculi
6. What are cartilage cells called?
7. What are the 2 types of bone cells (osteocytes) called and what do they do?
8. What is endochondral ossification?
9. What does it mean if you have a epiphyseal plate? Epiphyseal line?