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7th Grade
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Purpose and
and text aids
Context Clues
Revision and
Subject Verb
Name two activities occurring at this party.
Answer: Any two of the following- Pet
related exhibitors, tricks for treats,
costume contest, bobbing for treats.
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are needed to see this picture.
Disaster in Haiti
People in the nation of Haiti are struggling to recover after a powerful earthquake
caused massive destruction there.Tens of thousands of people in the Caribbean nation
were killed, and many more were injured. The Presidential Palace, which is like the
White House here in the U.S., was among the many government buildings that
collapsed. Hospitals were destroyed, as were countless homes. The disaster added
more suffering to people already struggling to cope with everyday life.
Haiti is one of the poorest nations in the world so international aid groups are rushing to
provide food, water, and medical aid to Haiti. People worldwide are donating money to
help. Many nations, including the U.S., are sending aid as well as money. The U.S. is
sending troops to help with rescue and relief efforts, and to police the streets.
What organizational pattern is used?
A. Cause and Effect
B. Compare/Contrast
C. Sequential/Chronological
A. Cause and Effect
Key words: Caused and So
Home Run for Hispanic Heritage
As a child, Roberto was a gifted player and a big fan of baseball. His years of practice
paid off. He was recruited for Puerto Rico's amateur league while still in high school. In
1954, he was drafted into the Major League and joined the Pittsburgh Pirates. He moved
to Pennsylvania and stayed with the same team for almost 20 years.
Early in his career, Clemente was among many Hispanic athletes who had to cope with
racism. At games, fans sometimes yelled racist insults at himムand so did some of his
teammates. But he brushed it off. "I don't believe in color," Clemente once told
reporters. In time, Clemente became one of the sport's most celebrated stars. He was
the first Hispanic American to earn a World Series ring as a starting player in 1960, to
win the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award in 1966, and the World Series MVP award, in
After his death in 1972, Clemente was honored as the first Hispanic American to be
voted into Major League Baseball's Hall of Fame. Although his career and life were cut
short, Clemente helped change American attitudes about Hispanics in professional
sportsムon and off the field.
What organizational pattern is used?
A. Cause and effect
B. Problem/Solution
C. Sequential/Chronological
Answer: C. Sequential/Chronological
Explanation: The passage uses dates and tells events in the order
they happened
Pandas in Peril
Giant pandas are endangered. Scientists think that only about
1,600 giant pandas still live in central China, the only country
where pandas live in the wild and where many more once
Pandas have been threatened over many years by poaching,
or illegal hunting. They have also lost much of their habitat, or
natural home. Adult pandas eat 40-50 pounds of bamboo a
day. As humans have cleared bamboo forests, the black-andwhite bears have struggled to survive.
Scientists Working Together
China loans pandas to zoos in the U.S. and other countries to
raise awareness of the endangered animals and to help
scientists study them. Currently, 14 pandas live in the U.S.
Scientists in China and the United States hope that by
learning more about the animals, they can help protect them.
More than 160 giant pandas live in zoos and conservation
centers around the world. Scientists at the Wolong reserve
study pandas and also breed them to help the population
grow. They hope that with greater numbers of pandas and
more knowledge about the bears, they may one day be able
to release giant pandas born in captivity into the wild.
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How are scientists
trying to solve the
“panda problem”?
Answer: They are studying and
breeding them in the wild. They hope
to release them back in the wild to
increase their numbers.
Read the directions for what to do if a person is choking and use them to
answer the question that follows.
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are needed to see this picture.
Besides finding out if the person is alright, why is it important to ask if the person is ok? *Hint* Read
the first three bullets carefully!
Answer: You want to see if the person
can speak because it decides what you
do next.
What is the purpose of this flyer?
A. Entertain
B. Persuade
C. Reflect
D. Celebrate
Answer: The purpose is to persuade the reader to come to
the garage sale.
What is the purpose of this flyer?
A. Entertain
B. Persuade
C. Reflect
D. Inform
Write a sentence that explains your choice
Answer: Inform
Reason-The flyer tells when and where the event is taking place
as well as what events will be occurring
Crocodile tears
Mark McGwire is a liar and a cheater, and no amount of blubbering will wash
away that legacy. He remains a fame-addicted ballplayer who stuck a needle into his
butt so he could hit more home runs and hit them farther than anyone who ever lived. He
made tens of millions of dollars from that chemically enhanced ability and lied about it.
Now that McGwire wants to get back into baseball as a coach, he is compelled
to admit what we already knew. No thanks. For years, as his sleeves bulged, McGwire
denied he had ever used steroids, despite all of the evidence that appeared to convict
him.Five years ago, as the government searched for answers to the steroid epidemic,
McGwire told Congress, "I’m not here to talk about the past." But now, when the timing
suits him, he wants to talk about that same shameful past.
Here’s the truth: McGwire was too cowardly to compete without steroids, he
was a coward in front of Congress, and he was a coward for lying. Three strikes
What is the author’s viewpoint?
A. Mark McGuire would make a great coach
B. Mark McGuire is only admitting to steroids because he wants to coach.
C. Mark McGuire doesn’t know how to coach.
Answer- B
Reason- He calls him a liar and a
cheater. “Now that he wants to get back
into baseball and coach, he is
compelled to admit what we already
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Review of Tooth Fairy by Louise Keller:
Believing anything is possible is the theme of this forced, saccharine fantasy in which
The Rock becomes a tooth fairy as punishment for his habit of killing dreams. Dwayne
(The Rock) Johnson has a pleasant onscreen presence, but with material as flimsy and
humourless as this, he looks blatantly ridiculous wearing a pale pink tutu, tights and
oversize wings, sneaking into homes to collect newly lost teeth from under the pillows of
sleeping children. The best part of the film is a short prologue scene with Billy Crystal
and Julie Andrews under the closing credits, which has more energy than the whole film
put together, but sadly is small compensation.
What is the author’s viewpoint?
AnswerThe movie wasn’t very good.
ReasonThe material was flimsy and humorless.
Read the sentence below.
John gave the keys to he.
What word should replace he?
Answer- him
Reason- the word is the object of
the sentence, so you need an object
Which word best completes the
Tom the landscaper and Sally the
beautician (like, likes) to visit the zoo
on Saturdays.
Answer- Like
Reason-You have a plural subject, so
you need the plural verb.
Choose the correct pronoun the
agrees with the antecedent.
Brian showed us _____ rooms before
taking down to the cafeteria.
A. my
B. our
C. them
D. there
Answer- Our
Reason- The antecedent is us.
The man between the buildings (greet,
greets) people as they pass.
Answer- Greets
Reason- Man is singular. You need a
singular verb.
Choose the correct pronoun.
Sara and ____ went to the store
A. me
B. him
C. I
D. us
Answer- I
Reason- The pronoun must be a
subject pronoun. I is the only subject
pronoun in the sentence.
Choose the pronoun that correctly agrees with
the antecedent.
The dog with the big ears growled and lowered
_______ tail. (spelling counts)
Answer- its
Reason- The dog is an animal and it
is unclear what the gender of the
animal is
Read the sentence. Decide what the bold word means.
The pile of work before Grant was insurmountable because there wasn't enough time
to get it all done.
In this sentence, the word insurmountable means
A. Peaceful
B. Super
C. unable to be overcome
D. Easy
AnswerUnable to be overcome
ClueThere wasn’t enough time to get it done
Read the sentence. Decide what the bold word means.
The behavior in the classroom was calm, but the behavior in the lunchroom was
In this sentence, the word obstreperous means
A. Calm
B. Unruly/noisy
C. Perfect
D. Peaceful
Answer- Unruly/noisy
Reason- Compare/contrast clue
Read the sentence. Decide what the bold word means.
Last year, Linda won the speech contest. This year she became overconfident
and did not spend as much time preparing for her speech. Her performance at the
contest earned her a mediocre score and she was disappointed.
In this sentence, the word mediocre means
A. Perfect
B. Average
C. Similar
D. Cocky
Answer- Average
Reason- It says she was
Read the sentence. Decide what the bold word means.
The boy hurried precipitously to get his homework done so that he could play
basketball before going to bed.
In this sentence, the word precipitously means
A. Cautiously
B. Carelessly
C. Carefully
Answer- B. Carelessly
Read the sentence. Use the context clues to come up with your own definition of the
Being eccentric, such as having pink or blue hair, is sure to get you attention, but it may
not be the kind you want.
In this sentence, the word eccentric means
Answer- Attention-seeking or strange
Read the sentence.
After Johnny played football, he ride his bike to the store for his mother.
How should you correct the sentence above?
Answer: Ride should be rode
Reason: Verb tense agreement
Read the sentence below
Outside the house, Barry saw a scary monster.
Replace scary with a more vivid adjective.
Answers: sharp-toothed, bloodthirsty, fur-covered
Read the sentence below.
The man walked careful and quiet through the hallway so that he would not disturb the
What is wrong in the sentence above?
Answer: careful and quiet should be
carefully and quietly
Reason: They are adverbs.
Read the sentence.
In 1972, the gorilla population _______ as result of poaching.
What verb fits in the sentence above?
A. decreased
B. have decreased
C. was decreased
D. is decreasing
A. Decreased
Rewrite the following sentences as one sentence.
(Commas count)
Mark walked down the street. Mark looked like he was in a hurry.
Mark, looking like he was in a hurry, walked down the street.
Looking like he was in a hurry, Mark walked down the street.
Mark walked down the street looking like he was in a hurry.
Tom has been given a research
project to do on Christopher
Name two things he should do before
he starts writing.