Math7back2school - Raymond J. Fisher Middle School

Math 7
Instructor: Robert Ruyle
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: 408-335-2373
 Thank You for attending back to school night.
 Please fill out your contact information on the provided
note card
 Name, Email address, and best number to reach you.
About Me
 BA in History from UC Berkeley (2004)
 Level 1 Education Specialist Credential from National
 9 years Teaching Experience in a variety of alternative
educational settings.
 I have taught most levels of math in both middle school
and high school.
Our Textbook
California Mathematics
by Holt
 California Standards Based
 Includes Diagnostic Tests and a
great deal of differentiation
 Other materials will be used as
 Key Curriculum
 Kuta Software.
Our Textbook
 Will Never go Home!
 I use worksheets, print-outs,
or other material for
 Links to a digital copy of the
book can be found on my
 Historically, students who
Processing Styles
flourish in math have
processing styles aligned
with their teachers.
 It is my job to provide a
multi-sensory approach to
learning new concepts to
match all my students
processing styles.
 The goal is to develop a
perceptual picture that will
stay with them .
Teaching Style
 Students are successful because they know what they are
doing rather than memorize steps.
 Incorporates research involving learning and the brain.
 Teach to the way adolescents process math, not the way I
 Given out Three times a week.
 No More than 30 minutes assignments.
 Designed for students to regain perceptual picture.
 If they are becoming noticeably frustrated, STOP.
 Contact me if you would like more.
Growth Based
Student Skills
 Frequent Assessments, not
frequent tests
 Formative and summative
 Study guides will be provided
STEM and the Ipads
 Used for
 Organization
 Incorporating new learning
 New methods of Output
 As a tool, not a toy.
Contact Information
 Email: [email protected]
 Website: New Site! Go to my page and
 Phone Number: 235-2373
 Feel free to contact me about any questions or concerns
you may have.